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      in: General Discussion

      //WARNING: FOLLOWING CODE UNTESTED, PROCEED AT OWN RISK if (Hearthigen.members.Incendiary.skills.coding.toString() === "shit") { Hearthigen.members.Incendiary.Incendiary.postTopic("Javascript HW can't do this shit", "If anyone here has taken a CS 1301+ class and knows JavaScript somewhat well, would ya like to contact me? I got this project that I need to finish and I am stuck on this one part of it. That would be extremely kind of yall <3"); setTimeout(function() { Hearthigen.members.Ryan.reply("14181", "Do it yourself nerd"); //"14181" is the topic ID }, 32400000); //9 hours setTimeout(function() { Hearthigen.members.Shadow.reply("14181", "Git gud"); //Cannot copy the actual content of the reply as that will become an infinite loop }, 3600000); //1 hour } else { Hearthigen.members.Incendiary.postTopic("My coding skills are " + Hearthigen.members.Incendiary.skills.coding.toString() + ", 1v1 me at DEF CON no balls"); setTimeout(function() { Hearthigen.members.Incendiary.hideTopic("14181"); //While this post would never get posted, the instantaneous evaluation of an if statement would ensure it would have the same topic ID }, 3600000); }  
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      in: Off-Topic Spam

      For those of you wondering, yes, I'm still here, I'm just caught up in a lot of stuff right now. First off, my older brother just recently stared as a lead role in his school production, so that meant I was also involved in building set and helping in other ways. Additionally, tomorrow, April 21st, I'm taking a placement test for my highschool. This is because the high school I'm attending next year is not just any high school, its a charter school for the arts (Basically, its regular high school but part of my day is regular school, and the other is an art, mine being music). To go to this school, I needed to try out and submit an application, kinda like a college, but a lot simpler. I got accepted, but before I start next September, I need to complete a placement test since I said I was interested in placing into honor classes. ANYWAY, I've been studying and getting prepared for this test. Next week I also have PSSA's, which is a standardized test for the state of PA. But yeah, that's kinda why i've been dead. I might be able to be on tomorrow since my testing isn't all day, but I'm unsure. See you guys soon!    ALSO! If you wanted to sign up for the Jailbreak Rule Video, WHICH WILL HAPPEN, join this group and fill out the google thing.      ~MaxwellTheWolf <3 
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      in: General Discussion

      OKAY   welcome back mate
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      in: Off-Topic Spam

      Alright, let me get right into explaining what this is about. before we start I have to type this fast so expect lots of mistakes. I am starting an unofficial department. This department has no power whatsoever even if it becomes official. I made this for 1 reason. Reducing and rehabilitating banned players. If you are permabanned you are not applicable for this.How this would work is simple. person x gets banned for 2 weeks for mass rdm. I find the ban list contact person x and we have a little chat. now like me with my first and only ban person x is a little worried about a bad reputation for being a banned player. The unofficial department takes that player and assures the rest of the crowd he shall be treated with respect. for the next 2-week person x stays in contact with me. over the next 2 weeks, I bring him to a personal (not hearthigren) server and we discuss why he was banned. At this time we discuss how he could avoid getting banned rules we think he could learn from or doesn't know and some tips and tricks for the server. 2 weeks pass and his ban is lifted. He joins back and is ready to not get banned again. I personally keep a small eye out for issues just so he doesn't get re-banned for a misunderstanding. 

      Why did I decide to make this: I made this so that people who were banned and generously want help to correct their ban can get advice and shown the rules in a more interactive way.

      is the banned player forced to do this:
      NO.  the player takes this course at his own will. If the player does not want to come back it's up to him. This is more of a help guide for those recently banned and in need of explanation or help.

      will this reduce person x's ban time: No, not at all.   Is this a Justice Department issue: No, while justice department does handle bans they are not required to go out and seek the player after the ban to help them.   How will you receive the ban info:     hearthigen     This all sounds cool where can I sign up: Leave a comment with a ts name and a reason why should join. Ill do unofficial interviews        
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      in: Gaming Discussion

      Really depends on what the DM(s) agree on. If there are any house rules, there probably would only be a few.   Probably will use an overarching campaign, but let the DM(s) fill in all the little details as they choose.
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      in: General Discussion

      Oh Peeta day was also pretty killer
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      in: Rust Discussion

        formal protest
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