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  2. This one I'm proud of I guess

    Alice Aura.jpg

  3. What the fuck did I actually just draw

    PJ Trey Steam.jpg

    Turtle Rusher.jpg

  4. Its been a nice break, but my computer is all set, I am not sick any more (I was dying of a flu), and I can manage school. The break away was nice but I miss you guys, I wanna come back full power with more responsibility. I want my INTERVIEWS <3
  5. If you don't know there are a few secret buttons you can use while making a post. I'll show them below The Good The bad 1 infoline Well, Jesus lets go over how to get these so you can experiment too! So open up your computer as I haven't tested this with any other device. find Insert numbered list. go 1 box down and hover your cursor over the box. it will say right infobox and move your mouse to the right and look at all the secret options. Use these to spice up your posts! Edit: some are weird and glitchy use at your own risk!

    1. Rona


      OH PEETA

  7. Alright, let me get right into explaining what this is about. before we start I have to type this fast so expect lots of mistakes. I am starting an unofficial department. This department has no power whatsoever even if it becomes official. I made this for 1 reason. Reducing and rehabilitating banned players. If you are permabanned you are not applicable for this.How this would work is simple. person x gets banned for 2 weeks for mass rdm. I find the ban list contact person x and we have a little chat. now like me with my first and only ban person x is a little worried about a bad reputation for being a banned player. The unofficial department takes that player and assures the rest of the crowd he shall be treated with respect. for the next 2-week person x stays in contact with me. over the next 2 weeks, I bring him to a personal (not hearthigren) server and we discuss why he was banned. At this time we discuss how he could avoid getting banned rules we think he could learn from or doesn't know and some tips and tricks for the server. 2 weeks pass and his ban is lifted. He joins back and is ready to not get banned again. I personally keep a small eye out for issues just so he doesn't get re-banned for a misunderstanding. Why did I decide to make this: I made this so that people who were banned and generously want help to correct their ban can get advice and shown the rules in a more interactive way. is the banned player forced to do this: NO. the player takes this course at his own will. If the player does not want to come back it's up to him. This is more of a help guide for those recently banned and in need of explanation or help. will this reduce person x's ban time: No, not at all. Is this a Justice Department issue: No, while justice department does handle bans they are not required to go out and seek the player after the ban to help them. How will you receive the ban info: hearthigen This all sounds cool where can I sign up: Leave a comment with a ts name and a reason why should join. Ill do unofficial interviews
  8. DnD Group

    Really depends on what the DM(s) agree on. If there are any house rules, there probably would only be a few. Probably will use an overarching campaign, but let the DM(s) fill in all the little details as they choose.
  9. Oh Peeta day was also pretty killer
  10. STEAM_0:1:89265966 Story: It's 12 am and my room is filled with an unusual noise. It sounds somewhat like a mid 40s Indian man, but this time it isn't. It's Eggsident's Indian appreciation day. Never have I heard Louder Indian impression mic spam from any group of people before. It was life changing; we addressed stereotypes and Indian problems in the strangest way possible, through memeing them. My life has forever been changed by Indian appreciation day and I thank God Egg is as talented as he is. SHOW BOBS
  11. Hearthigen, I would like to hear your stories of your best memories here in Hearthigen. They can be in multiples, but as I promised, I hope to create an archive of these stories so we can use them in our Wiki. Please follow the format below: SteamID (for Jailbreak Points - you get 20k points for posting): Story 1: (If more than one) Story 2: (If two... obviously... or more...) Heliuxen
  12. Gf broke up with me who wants to online date lol jk im gonna die woopty w0p

  13. Yesterday
  14. now i can be the very best I wanna be the very best That no one ever was
  15. Alright... I'm back, but won't be very active until my Birthday. (May 16)


    I left Hearthigen for a while because I was salty that I was 'fired' from the staff team. I plan on reapplying one day, but it's not my top priority.

    As of right now, I've been putting a lot of time in school (Even if I'm only in 7th grade. XD).

    I really want to meet new people on Hearthigen, so message me if you want to talk!!! :D

  16. +1 cool dude who murders me alot on jailbreak. but still a cool dude
  17. Last week
  18. @Fainter helped me with this <3, anyways yeah fix this babe @Heliuxen (Also, I forgot to turn on my mic, but just look at the ammo count)
  19. I've played DnD before but it was with some friends and we didn't know the rules well. I've looked into it more and I've gotten more experiance with it. Would love to play would it be basic or homebrew and if it's homebrew how much homebrew? Also are we going to use preset campaigns or the dm's make it up as we go?
  20. Lordratington, you have a gift and you need to share it and spread it to the masses
  21. Can we name him official server artist yet?
  22. So I tried to log in to my regular Google account from school. Little did I know, I had my VPN on at the time, and since my account was tied to an outdated number I've been forced to reset my password.



  23. Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Hannah Montana I like Miley in them tights I like Hannah, Yeah she right She been twerkin twerkin twerkin (twerkin) All damn night
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