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      Welcome to our community! While we are primarily a Garry's Mod community. We have expanded our servers to other areas and are welcome to new ideas and players. After registering with us, feel free to apply and become a part of our family! https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/2/hearthigen-member-application/

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  2. +1, only on one condition
  3. +1 Asreil is the bomb. Y u no know me
  4. +1 Heck yeah! Asriel is a mature and easy-going person who clearly understands the importance of being a Deputy Overseer and how to handle things in this vital position. Not to mention, you’re already the Deputy of the Interior, so you also have experience with these kinds of moderation. You possess a mature, and above all friendly personality, giving Asriel my +1. Best of luck to you ^^
  5. Skyy is the original Sky, I’m nothin’ but a measly imposter ;-; +1, you seem very nice and fit for staffing on TTT. You have also been a high ranked staff in the past, which is very good. I would love to see you as an Officer on TTT!
  6. THATS IT I AM OFFICIALLY TRIGGERED J RIGHT NOW. I AM SO TRIGGERED I REFUSE TO TYPE CORRECTLY. upi str divj s [;rn smf s errsnpp!!!! (good luck decoding what I just said I did use a pattern btw.)
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  8. EXCUSE ME WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?!?!? I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!! LEAVE THE PAST IN THE PAST AND MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Meanwhile in Japan, a mangaka drew 9/11 10 years before it happened. AKA JOJO Boingo’s stand ability was to predict the future and in this vision he’s literally saying the vision happens at 10:30 and the WTC collapsed at around the same time. :3
  10. Throwback to 2016 (You’re never gonna escape this @Loud J) What are some fun stuff you did on our JB server? Share them below :3
  11. +2, Active Deserves it A ton of effort in app Dedicated Mature
  12. So I had this dream (If you would call it that...) It was about a narwhal you know those whales that have horns and are amazing. But this one had 4 legs no horn and lived in a mountain like a really cold mountain. I don’t know why but I went up to the moutain and it started to chase me for some reason I was in a car It was keeping up with me and then I ran into a tree and got up. Is that a dream or a nightmare? lmfao

  13. +1, Welcome to Hearthigen!
  14. +1, Welcome to Hearthigen
  15. I would have given you an award had you posted it on the Jailbreak General Discussion but hey good stuff
  16. Dear Jailbreak, Sometimes i wonder why i stayed, I think about those times, I thought about leaving multiple times, But you always had this pull on me, Whenever i felt like leaving, I always thought about you. But, It was never you, It was the people on it, It was the people here, That is why i stayed. Not a day goes by without you all, I’ve learned that you all are my a part on my life, It’s funny how i would feel down, In some way i will always need you all. So Jailbreak, It was not because of you i stayed, You are already cancerous enough, I have no idea how i put up with you, It was the people, Don’t brag about yourself Jailbreak, It was never you. P.S. I love you all except some of you.
  17. People. Comment on this. I need more responses.
  18. A natural +2. Great to be seeing Skyy around again, and seeing her as staff would be wonderful. Great personality, great at dealing with people due to former experience, and just a good person over all. Should consider applying for dep. in the future maybe, give Jeff a run for his money lmao. In any case, hope to be seeing you on and in your new position soon. -Sarco. Oh I’m sorry I had a meme before i left ; gtfo with that. Ya got more than enough ref’s so it isn’t a problem, but I mean. First damn reference and it’s already this nig? get outta here.
  19. +2, The only person perhaps equally qualified by quality of their character and dedication to the server from what I’ve seen would be Lazy. And seeing as how he probably won’t be applying for the position, Asriel is literally the best person to take it. By dedication and his character Asriel has proven himself to be overseer material, and with no doubt in my mind will help deathrun to flourish under his control.
  20. It couldn't have been him... why you might ask because 9/11 was an inside job the plane landed inside you see and there's the number 2 involved well George W. Bush was the second George Bush in office. So that being said George Bush wanted to go to war with the middle east since our american dollars is what oil is sold In to keep our money worth something. Which means since thr middle east wanted to sell it in another currency it was a threat to tge American economy and since America has been a powerhouse since the 1940's we needed to ensure the survival of our American economy since we pulled out money from the Gold reserve/standard which is a currency system used by many economies to ensure their money is worth any value. Also there's two statistics jet fuel burns at about 1500°f where as steel beams melt at roughly 2750°f and the WTC was designed withstand a boieng 707 which causes 10% more damage than thr 767 that hit it. Also, you never hear about the one that hit the pentagon nice cover up America proud of you <3
  21. Swiss I'm going to start off with a few negatives first. You're never really in big groups when I see you you're either alone in your channel or with 1 or 2 other people. Also, I'm not sure how you could handle eruptions of anger or certain things of that sort. Now the positives. You're a hard worker on jb. Being staff of jb helps you solve issue between people. That being said you're also active (for the most part) respectful and nice. So with all of this being said I think the pros outweigh the cons. You will be receiving a +1 from me. Best of luck to you.
  22. not my fault
  23. If Spartan believes you're ready then so do I you're a great person and a lot of fun to talk to. You're very nice and polite and you're also a good meme. I believe you can be serious when the time calls and I think you'd make a great addition to TTT (slightly triggered that you didn't consider muder or sandbox) anyway +1!!
  24. This scares me *hides under desk* … lol
  25. +1 for reasons above Good Luck
  26. +2 and reference confirmed. Skyy is quite active on TTT server and she also was a former Overseer of the TTT server so her experience would be put to great use.
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