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  1. Today
  2. When will u fockin update DeAtHrUn.

  3. Hey I just got the humble software bundle recently and there's two things that came with it that I have literally no use for so I'm giving them away. Display Fusion: From what I can tell it makes life with multiple monitors easier? I don't have more than one monitor and I don't plan on getting another so I'll be staying away from this. VoiceBot: I don't really know what this is tbh. I guess you control your computer with your voice? Seems useless to me but if someone wants some shits and giggles out of it then go right ahead. Just in case more than one people want these, I'm gonna have you guess a number between 1-100. I'll pull up a random number generator and whoever is closest gets whichever they want.
  4. All right thank you all for your suggestions I'll be sure to have those done soon. I will make another post when a beta test is out!
  5. `But asnue daddy why when TTT is superior
  6. +1 why is it like that.. that's shit
  7. Why the hell is toggle aim set to default for all users and we can't even turn toggle off. Plz fix Also if people prefer to have toggle aim they can turn it on in the F1 menu, but we can't turn it off rn cuz somebody made it the default setting. Plz fix X2
  8. Yesterday
  9. Saltwater is working on Sandbox, someone else is working on TTT, be respectful ❤️
  10. Its the little things in life that make you feel the worst

  11. Sandbox doesn't need crap TTT does.
  12. need some coochie ASAP


    1. KiNG


      Yeeaaahhhhh no.

  13. Hearthigen, The following changes have been made: Themes: Added Magnificent Purple Added Bumblebee Remade Blood Red Bugs Fixed an issue where a majority of the users were being forced to appear anonymous - making the website look empty to all non-Administrators.. Sorry about that Heliuxen
  14. Spiderman gun is one suggestion.
  15. Oh yeah I guess lol, kinda forgot....but you don't have power to do this kind of stuff. Leave that to the big boys, though your opinion still matters and you could be a good guinea pig....
  16. Keep the harry potter spells. I'd also like to take this moment to say as sandbox staff me and @Silverad will help you in anyway we can. If you need help just message us. Also can you not do !menu go to voting and votemap? But yes it would be nicer if we could just do !rtv @Rona
  17. Wowie im here now bois

    1. Rona


      Hell yeah, Brother!

  18. Honestly the chance to change maps would be awesome. Construct gets boring sometimes, and even though there aren’t many sandbox maps to choose from that I know, it would be nice to have a change of scenery sometimes. I think the map more than anything is what cause Sandbox to become stale.
  19. Very Specific on small details PERFECT +1
  20. If you don't know Sandbox is in for a major Sandbox OVERHAUL. We would like to take this time to ask the community for suggestions about what you think we should add. We would assume this new sandbox would be made from scratch with only a few add-ons such as Pac 3 and the internals. To keep posts short in sweet I am going to limit the amount of suggestions review at by you to 5. We also want to make sandbox enjoyable and seeing as there are no specific goal or achievements what do you guys think that would attract more players to sandbox. As a final note naming of sandbox versions are to follow this specific format so you know what changed. MajorContent.MinorContent.Config/Astetics.BugFixes An example would be 1.3.3.f which would be 1 major overhaul 3 minor content updates 3 config/aesthetics changes and 5 bug fixes.
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