Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Lethal Bacon Lethal Bacon 01/24/2017 bacon is a great officer, he knows how to handle situations well and is very attentive to his trainers, he also picks up on staffing very quickly ur father ur father
Drunk Drunk 01/24/2017 So I was playing on my Dark RP server with only about 3 people on including myself. I joined Hearthigen's TeamSpeak to see if anyone was on or if I could have someone to talk to. I joined Donka's channel cuz he had people in it. Drunk joins soon after I join and he says "What server are you on" And I say "I dont want to advertise" but I give him my server and he joins. He soon becomes a huge troll so I ban him from my server. Immediately after he bans me from TeamSpeak for one hour. Cheesus Cheesus
ValentinoLucious ValentinoLucious 01/24/2017 A great lady, hardworking, dedicated, and ready to handle any situation thrown at her. We have had our disagreements, but we have always worked them out. Happy to call you my friend <3 Donka Donka
Boxic Boxic 01/24/2017 Fantastic guy, spirited, knowledgeable, and an amazing friend. Donka Donka
Xyteria Xyteria 01/24/2017 Fantastic lady, hardworking and an amazing friend <3 Donka Donka
Drunk Drunk 01/24/2017 Really sweet guy, does his best to help in various situations. Cool kid. Donka Donka
Heliuxen Heliuxen 01/24/2017 "Shall RDMs be gone!" Is what it takes for Heliuxen to control everyone when he joins the server. Awesome Owner btw! Couldn't ask for a better one. We owe everything to you <3 Lethal Bacon Lethal Bacon
XxIllusionZz420 XxIllusionZz420 01/24/2017 Great OSP trainer. Great Overseer and outgoing with new users. Appreciated! Lethal Bacon Lethal Bacon
Derrick Derrick 01/24/2017 Really active and enforce rules. Takes things calmly and get them done Right. That's what we need! <3 Lethal Bacon Lethal Bacon
ur father ur father 01/24/2017 Very respectful and has helped me a Lot on my start. Showed me a couple mistakes I was making. Thank you!! Lethal Bacon Lethal Bacon
BorkLord BorkLord 01/24/2017 He supported me until the end. Always playing when I am and help each other to run the server... At 2 AM. =D Lethal Bacon Lethal Bacon
KiNG KiNG 01/24/2017 Always active. Helpful, honest and trustworthy. Always answers when needed on the server. Lethal Bacon Lethal Bacon
Donka Donka 01/24/2017 Have always done the best things for me. Great Overseer, Better Staff, And Best Person. Thank you Donka. Lethal Bacon Lethal Bacon
KiNG KiNG 01/24/2017 Great staff member, does his job, Great osp trainer, Helps me often. sometimes he can be immature but that's okay. BorkLord BorkLord
ur father ur father 01/24/2017 Great at his staff job, always helps me when I have no idea what to do, and handles everything very well, Keep up the good work! BorkLord BorkLord
Rabbit Rabbit 01/23/2017 That Great Mother of the community, She is always there when needs, and when not. But that is alright with me :) Armegardeon Armegardeon
Asada Shino Asada Shino 01/23/2017 Is a amazing staff member and he is great at handling the server. GamingX13 GamingX13
Armegardeon Armegardeon 01/23/2017 Super awesome guy. Really funny and chill. Super awesome overseer and great trainer (probably the best trainer out of them all). staffmage staffmage
kanalumaddela kanalumaddela 01/23/2017 Always gets what has to be done done. Memelord. Pretty coool Asriel Asriel
jeff_fan jeff_fan 01/23/2017 Very Active on TTT and is a great leader and I would not be suprised if he became amongst the council in the future. Armegardeon Armegardeon
Nova Nova 01/23/2017 Someone who needs to be told how amazing they are, ur amazing. Done. Always helping whether its with questions or CR. Super cute. Asriel Asriel
Archthious Archthious 01/23/2017 Another awesome dude that was with me when i first joined hearthigen. Always on forums either going nigmode on people that are being unwise or on people that need to know whats up, to mass meming people in his TS channel. Super Cute. Asriel Asriel
staffmage staffmage 01/23/2017 Very Chill and one of the most honest people I have meet on the server, as well as the most inocent. Since he has been a staff member on TTT, there seems to be a nice aura when ever he is online. Armegardeon Armegardeon
Asriel Asriel 01/23/2017 I don't know a team when this man is not on the TS. He always asks me and im sure other people questions on how to improve himself as a staff member. Armegardeon Armegardeon
Markozeeko Markozeeko 01/23/2017 Also one ive known since the very beginning, doesnt really get on the server as much as the old days but always helping heli and the other council behind the scene's. Super cute Asriel Asriel