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      Welcome to our community! While we are primarily a Garry's Mod community. We have expanded our servers to other areas and are welcome to new ideas and players. After registering with us, feel free to apply and become a part of our family! https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/2/hearthigen-member-application/
Receiver Date Comment Sender  
staffmage staffmage 03/25/2017 This guy has helped me and trained me and tbh hes really chill and fun to play with :D BorkJr BorkJr
GamingX13 GamingX13 03/25/2017 gaming is an amazing guy, he knows what he is doing, very respectful, knows things, an amazing staff member too, keep up the good work bud. BorkLord BorkLord
BorkLord BorkLord 03/25/2017 This is my dad hes cool chill and he makes everything more fun and is great at staffing :D BorkJr BorkJr
BorkLord BorkLord 03/25/2017 He is a amazing person and a amazing staff. Keep up the good work Bork. GamingX13 GamingX13
GamingX13 GamingX13 03/25/2017 This guy is so much fun to be around he does a great job as staff just don't stop what you're doing <3 :D BorkJr BorkJr
GamingX13 GamingX13 03/25/2017 He's Really nice to everyone. Respectful in game. Bensuperawesome Bensuperawesome
War Kid War Kid 03/25/2017 Very nice, and very fun to play JB with. He definitley should become staff sometime soon :). GASHERMAN GASHERMAN
BorkJr BorkJr 03/25/2017 Very fun to play JB with. When it comes to staffing, he knows exactly what to do :). GASHERMAN GASHERMAN
Bensuperawesome Bensuperawesome 03/25/2017 Very nice and friendly staff. Very humble, and he puts a lot of work into what he does. :) GASHERMAN GASHERMAN
Trailer Park Supervisor Trailer Park Supervisor 03/25/2017 i will always fucking love you, older brother. Powernig Powernig
NoCookies NoCookies 03/25/2017 NoCookies is a good staff member that does his job. Nuff' said. Vincent The 4th Vincent The 4th
HulkGround454 HulkGround454 03/24/2017 He has done a great job returning with a positive attitude active on teamspeak could be more active on JB Swiss Cheese Swiss Cheese
HulkGround454 HulkGround454 03/24/2017 Since he came back he seems like a pretty cool dude while following and reinforcing rules on jb. He's been nice and everything. BorkLord BorkLord
Jacob Jacob 03/24/2017 You are friendly in many different ways and active in game, but I do believe you could put more effort into staffing on jailbreak. NoCookies NoCookies
Mahna_Mahna Mahna_Mahna 03/23/2017 Honestly this muppet is one amazing person, always very respectful and nice to me, haven't seen any problems and overall is very nice, I like that here in hearthigen. BorkLord BorkLord
ValentinoLucious ValentinoLucious 03/22/2017 Great dedication she shows to HGEN. Amazing accent :). She is also a great gamer grill xd. GASHERMAN GASHERMAN
BorkLord BorkLord 03/22/2017 Very friendly and kind. Hes very dedicated to HGEN :) GASHERMAN GASHERMAN
FortRay FortRay 03/22/2017 Great Staff Member and has come a long way sense i met him InfernoBorkExclusive InfernoBorkExclusive
Jex Shade Jex Shade 03/21/2017 Very good staff,he is very mature and responsible keep it up HulkGround454 HulkGround454
InfernoBorkExclusive InfernoBorkExclusive 03/21/2017 Great person active and fun to play with Jacob Jacob
YourMCGeek YourMCGeek 03/21/2017 Great staff member, gets shit done, but he can be a bit explosive/stoic at times. Chespin Chespin
Harry Potter Harry Potter 03/21/2017 You are very rude in game and say racist things like N****R Bensuperawesome Bensuperawesome
Harry Potter Harry Potter 03/21/2017 Constantly disrespecting while saying "n***er" and then leaves while getting mad at staff for doing their jobs. BorkLord BorkLord
Harry Potter Harry Potter 03/21/2017 Constant disrespect and leaves afterwards like he will go on and say "Ni**er" and iv'e witnessed this at least twice InfernoBorkExclusive InfernoBorkExclusive
InfernoBorkExclusive InfernoBorkExclusive 03/21/2017 Inferno has come a long way not only as staff but as an individual as well. He still may need to learn some things but for the most part, he's great! NessPKfreeze NessPKfreeze