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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Simon Simon 02/22/2018 Sat down and spent the time to go over everything with me, was very helpful with every question I had and explained everything nicely using the new handbook. 10/10 Would let him train me again! TurtleRusher TurtleRusher
-HGEN- Panda4Lyfe -HGEN- Panda4Lyfe 02/21/2018 Super chill, very active and handles the haters like a boss! Great JB staff <3 TurtleRusher TurtleRusher
Baby Ice Bear Baby Ice Bear 02/21/2018 Hey knows the rules super well, spend a bunch of time helping me and getting to apply for staff which was cool af! 8/8 Staff member, i'd let him handle my reports ;) TurtleRusher TurtleRusher
Simon Simon 02/21/2018 Really cool dude, funny and can keep the peace on the server, definently a keeper as staff <3 Killerargue98 Killerargue98
-HGEN- Panda4Lyfe -HGEN- Panda4Lyfe 02/21/2018 Pretty Cewl dewd, didnt like him at first but grew on me and became cewl B) Really good at staffing and keeping the server at bay... all around really cool! Killerargue98 Killerargue98
-HGEN- Panda4Lyfe -HGEN- Panda4Lyfe 02/21/2018 Great Player Knows the rules Very active CHill dude UltraViolet UltraViolet
MaxwellTheWolf MaxwellTheWolf 02/20/2018 Super fun guy to play jilbreak with, he’s real knowledgeable about the rules which helps and is quick to handle reports when on. Solid officer right here. TurtleRusher TurtleRusher
Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton 02/20/2018 Is a real fun man to play JB with, knows the rules super well and isn't biased when it comes to handling reports. Overall makes the JB experience more fun when he's on. TurtleRusher TurtleRusher
Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton 02/20/2018 had me slain for following him on a freeday and attempted rdm for shooting at him after i seen him holster a knife earlier in the round Corporal Cactus Corporal Cactus
BorkLord BorkLord 02/19/2018 Every time I have come across Bork he's pretty super chill and wicked to play with. As for staffing on the jailbreak server he does he job really well and isn't biased towards players. Efficient and fun +1 TurtleRusher TurtleRusher
Simon Simon 02/17/2018 He is a great dude and trained me for Officer and he did really good. I look forward to seeing him more often. Mr Nuke Mr Nuke
The Something The Something 02/14/2018 This guy does great on jb. Cool af dude, follows rules. DJ Daddy Bowl DJ Daddy Bowl
Simon Simon 02/13/2018 He made everything clear too me, I understand the rules and binds of the server and how to do the proper punishments in each situation. The Something The Something
PassTheAux PassTheAux 02/06/2018 He’s nice +1 Meb III Meb III
Eric Eric 02/06/2018 Fantastic Training experience, Knows what he is doing and does it very well. Ketros Ketros
Flying Fladoodle Flying Fladoodle 02/05/2018 Read me my inaugural staff stuff and it made me feel very official. Would staff again 10/10 Ultimately Ultimately
Tiny Crzshes Tiny Crzshes 02/05/2018 I was his first trainee as osp, he did a great job for his first time, after he got into it and got comfortable he was very thorough and helpful, answered any and all questions I had during the handbook reading. Ultimately Ultimately
GamerEevee GamerEevee 02/04/2018 told me to kill my self non jokingly for correcting a misspelled word in an insult to another user Corporal Cactus Corporal Cactus
Jonah Beck Jonah Beck 02/04/2018 Awesome and chill bro. Great Staff. braydogg23 braydogg23
Rily Rily 02/02/2018 You have always been a really nice guy to me and since you gave me my only positive feedback I would like to return the favor. Glad to see you back bro :) Chander Chander
PJtrey PJtrey 02/01/2018 He was very kind to me when I showed my depression and supported me, he's the best Meb III Meb III
mauve mauve 01/31/2018 Very sweet and amazing i love her Proper Proper
Oranges Oranges 01/27/2018 Oranges just might be the most positive person in this community. Plus, he is super active. Shadow Shadow
PJtrey PJtrey 01/23/2018 Has been pretty active and done what an Officer on the JB server should do. Works hard, plays hard and keeps things fun for all! TurtleRusher TurtleRusher
Flying Fladoodle Flying Fladoodle 01/23/2018 Did an excellent job with the training, a very respectable man with many skills. PJtrey PJtrey