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Tingle Tingle 07/15/2018 first feedback but he is great Waffy Waffy
Flying Fladoodle Flying Fladoodle 07/14/2018 Why does this man not have 11 positive feedback Waffy Waffy
Lordratington Lordratington 07/14/2018 Good guy Waffy Waffy
Papi Platano :D Papi Platano :D 07/07/2018 Horrible and very petty staff member. Banned me for poking him with the message "lol loser" and claims that as harassment and disrespect. Honestly the worst staff member in Hearthigen today. Not even joking lol KiNG KiNG
Bobby Milano Bobby Milano 07/07/2018 Doesn't stop talking or making as much noise as possible in his mic, and is extremely narcissistic and rude. Fonix Fonix
[test]Asnue [test]Asnue 07/07/2018 Great training. It was a breeze, and I was left with zero questions. Fainter Fainter
Bobby Milano Bobby Milano 07/07/2018 He is very disrespectful to members in the community. He does not know the rules and clearly needs to get properly trained. CursedCrackers CursedCrackers
Papi Platano :D Papi Platano :D 07/03/2018 Hulk is a staff member who has repeatedly shown hypocrisy and over-enforcement of the rules. As a TS staff member, he continuously ear rapes racial slurs even when told to stop. He does not take criticism fairly, and instead throws it aside and will ignore facts presented to him. He will go into channels where everyone is having a good time and proceed to over-enforce the rules and try to kick and ban as many people as possible for no reason, ruining everyone's experience on the server. Daddidud Daddidud
SkyDive SkyDive 07/02/2018 Every time I get an opportunity to talk so Sky I always have a smile on my face hes fun to talk to and a great friend that I know I can trust. He's never let me down before and one of the very few people I trust. Thank you Sky for all that you've done -HGEN-Revand -HGEN-Revand
braydogg23 braydogg23 06/24/2018 He pretty good guy, doesnt try to fuck us w/ rules but also trys to get staff to do their job. Miner_Terry Miner_Terry
Incendiary Incendiary 06/22/2018 Really cares about the server and is always on. He tries to bring others on when need be. NessPKfreeze NessPKfreeze
[test]Asnue [test]Asnue 06/20/2018 Asune is really respectful and kind around the community. He is great to be around. Keep it up! CorruptCloud CorruptCloud
[test]Asnue [test]Asnue 06/18/2018 10/10 OSP Training  Issued Jay Issued Jay
[test]Asnue [test]Asnue 05/23/2018 really helpful, nice, and a generally cool person to be around Onyxfang Onyxfang
MaxwellTheWolf MaxwellTheWolf 05/12/2018 A great dude, who deserves a promotion, hes cool, fun, amazing and just fun to hang around with. But he could work on anger issues Waffy Waffy
Rona Rona 05/01/2018 He's a great staff. He is fun to be around, and is on Jailbreak all the time! I luv you (No homo) :3 MushyBanana MushyBanana
TurtleRusher TurtleRusher 04/26/2018 TurtleRusher is an awesome dude! Keep up the good work. SaltyCBox SaltyCBox
MaxwellTheWolf MaxwellTheWolf 04/22/2018 From what I have seen, Max is one of the best staff I know! He's really honest and kind. Keep it up man!! :D <3 MushyBanana MushyBanana
kanalumaddela kanalumaddela 04/21/2018 He was a good staff and whatnot, but he didn't like me, and he was obvious about it, even if he did try to hide it... Sorry for the bad rating MushyBanana MushyBanana
illustriouswolf illustriouswolf 04/21/2018 Pretty cool in general. She was a good staff... I missed you being staff pls reapply. XD :3 ^-^ MushyBanana MushyBanana
KiNG KiNG 04/20/2018 Pretty cool in general. I still remember my first few days on Hearthigen, he put up with my dumbness and showed me around. Thanks mah dude. :3 ^.^ MushyBanana MushyBanana
Darkehhh Darkehhh 04/08/2018 okay i got rdm from the guards and it wholly a proof i see. then i report and receive it. but later he just forget about the rdm guy at all RagePlayte RagePlayte
Mr.SniperX Mr.SniperX 04/01/2018 I love Mr.sniperx he's so great. 1 he's nice 2 knows rules 3 makes my mood better tcoursey tcoursey
PJtrey PJtrey 03/26/2018 Really fun in game gets all his work done and does a good job with the reports <3. Mr.SniperX Mr.SniperX
Waffy Waffy 03/24/2018 Josh does his job well. He's also nice all around in the time I have been on hearthigen he has ban 2 or 3 mass rdmers. tcoursey tcoursey