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KiNG KiNG 04/20/2018 Pretty cool in general. I still remember my first few days on Hearthigen, he put up with my dumbness and showed me around. Thanks mah dude. :3 ^.^ MushyBanana MushyBanana
X13 X13 04/13/2018 Moved me out of a channel for no reason while i was trying to associate myself with the fellow visitors of hearthigen :( i just wish for friendship not teamspeak staff treating me like a cumrag with a poorly drawn smiley face spooky KC :D spooky KC :D
Bensuperawesome Bensuperawesome 04/09/2018 he is mic spam and it is annoying RagePlayte RagePlayte
Darkehhh Darkehhh 04/08/2018 okay i got rdm from the guards and it wholly a proof i see. then i report and receive it. but later he just forget about the rdm guy at all RagePlayte RagePlayte
Mr.SniperX Mr.SniperX 04/01/2018 I love Mr.sniperx he's so great. 1 he's nice 2 knows rules 3 makes my mood better tcoursey tcoursey
Eggsident Donald J. Trump Eggsident Donald J. Trump 04/01/2018 Man I could almost say fuck this guy because he turns my mood from happy to absolutely fucking shit. Man I hate this guy so FUCKING much I could shove my small ass 0.1 inch dick up his ass. HOLY SHIT FUCKING FUCKITY FUCK GO TO JDJFIENRVFUFBSFSIFNFHDIFNF PDUDHEVHGKFIC. tcoursey tcoursey
PJtrey PJtrey 03/26/2018 Really fun in game gets all his work done and does a good job with the reports <3. Mr.SniperX Mr.SniperX
Josh.M Josh.M 03/24/2018 Josh does his job well. He's also nice all around in the time I have been on hearthigen he has ban 2 or 3 mass rdmers. tcoursey tcoursey
revotneb revotneb 03/24/2018 He has so much love for rust and he wants to make it better than it is right now and I hope you get overseer. X13 X13
MaxwellTheWolf MaxwellTheWolf 03/23/2018 Abuses his power, he was mic spamming and i reported him, he claimed the report on him while other staff were on and didn' do anything with it, straight up closed it, he did this about 3 times, later he denied lr when it was a regular day that cant be denied, also he removed the warden when the warden wast doing anything wrong, just a day (Joking about it being lr) and he got removed, this person consistently abuses their powers and is a horrible representation of the community and the staff Ryan Ryan
[test]Asnue [test]Asnue 03/20/2018 Asnue is great all around. Does his job good and is nice. explained a couple of rules to me. tcoursey tcoursey
Bensuperawesome Bensuperawesome 03/19/2018 Great guy love em Miner_Terry Miner_Terry
Moosee Moosee 03/16/2018 Great OSP trainer, helped me a lot in training and explained everything. <3 Did an excellent job explaining all of the commands and the different situations I will be put in! RingRich RingRich
Flying Fladoodle Flying Fladoodle 03/16/2018 Great OSP trainer, helped me a lot in training and explained everything. <3 Did an excellent job explaining all of the commands and the different situations I will be put in! RingRich RingRich
SCOTSCHIEF SCOTSCHIEF 03/16/2018 Biggest tyrant in the community. Makes up rules to suit his needs even when they don't exist. Basically the supreme ruler of the community with his unlimited power that goes completely unchecked, so there's nobody in his way to stop him. When people try to stand up to them, he uses intimidation to force them into silence. He sticks to his cliques of people who he favoritizes and knows that nobody can ever do anything to him. He gives them whatever they want while ignoring everyone else. Daddidud Daddidud
Chadapro Chadapro 03/15/2018 1)Fun Guy 2)Know the rules 3)Mature 4)Overall good guy Mc_Nugs Mc_Nugs
Baby Ice Bear Baby Ice Bear 03/12/2018 1) Cool Guy 2) Knows the Rules 3) Fun to play with 4) Fun to talk ot Mc_Nugs Mc_Nugs
kanalumaddela kanalumaddela 03/12/2018 Maddela, insulted me multiple times after i posted a warning about a DDoser who was dosing servers. He said it was fake/forged call insulted me when i never once was rude or hostile. (I have sent staff a log off messages that were sent back and fourth) With this being the first time i have spoken with the man this was unnecessary and rude. Mc_Nugs Mc_Nugs
PJtrey PJtrey 03/11/2018 nice osp trainer Darkehhh Darkehhh
PJtrey PJtrey 03/09/2018 good boi PieIsLife PieIsLife
PJtrey PJtrey 03/08/2018 beautiful guy [test]Asnue [test]Asnue
Mike Pence Mike Pence 03/07/2018 beautiful guy, does his job, and always see him everywhere, its a yes from me xD [test]Asnue [test]Asnue
Eggsident Donald J. Trump Eggsident Donald J. Trump 03/05/2018 This report is a little late, but just to say this man is so disrespectful he was dissing me a while ago and he started to say he fucked my mom and shit and shoved his dick down her throat. Idk just thought i'd say it because i was not able to send this report till now braydogg23 braydogg23
TurtleRusher TurtleRusher 03/05/2018 Fun dude on jailbreak. Great staff too! braydogg23 braydogg23
A 6 Year Old A 6 Year Old 03/04/2018 1)-Super Cool 2)-Came on and helped with mass RDMers 3)-Good with rules 4)-Great Staffing 5)-Funny Guy Mc_Nugs Mc_Nugs