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      Welcome to our community! While we are primarily a Garry's Mod community. We have expanded our servers to other areas and are welcome to new ideas and players. After registering with us, feel free to apply and become a part of our family! https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/2/hearthigen-member-application/
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Swiss Cheese Swiss Cheese 04/24/2017 Swiss could be the greatest member in HGEN in my opinion. He does his job great, active as hell, nice, respectful, great OSP, and very helpful. Thanks for being a great friend Swiss. GASHERMAN GASHERMAN
NessPKfreeze NessPKfreeze 04/24/2017 pretty cool dude. he knows all the rules and is just generally good at his job. Triinkett Triinkett
Edward_Elric64 Edward_Elric64 04/24/2017 Ever throw a hard drive failure he showed up to do his duties as event staff and was trying to join TTT and DR so he could staff them. Very dedicated to all his duties. jeff_fan jeff_fan
DevMod DevMod 04/23/2017 DevMod, You are doing an amazing job in my option (you could do a little better and be a little more serious) But you always do a good job when ever i see you on! Hope to see you around buddy Swiss Cheese Swiss Cheese
DPS-BangZ DPS-BangZ 04/23/2017 Before last week I Loved to be around you, but now that is not the case when ever i see you your being angry and refused to listen to me to calm down today and had to go to CR with devmod. In my option i think you need to take a break Swiss Cheese Swiss Cheese
InfernoBorkExclusive InfernoBorkExclusive 04/23/2017 Banned me for 6 hours for "mic spam", never got a gag just got a kick than I joined back seconds later with a ban. Horrible impression. Adam Lanza Adam Lanza
✪ The Flash ✪ The Flash 04/23/2017 This Boi is The fucking best m8 DPS-BangZ DPS-BangZ
DevMod DevMod 04/23/2017 Doesn't follow Protocol and needs to fix how he handles stuff. He likes to Diss people but when fire gets shot at him he acts like he did nothing. He screams in his mic ( fix yo mic). Likes too Target me and like to say irrelevant stuff from previous conversations and fires them at me. Please Re-Train him if that is possible. DPS-BangZ DPS-BangZ
KiNG KiNG 04/23/2017 KiNG is a very good staff member I am glad to have him back as staff and I remember the old days when he was my osp and I would do anything he does and just kiss his ass but anyways love you king <3 PassTheAux PassTheAux
Savage Savage 04/23/2017 Very minge like and disrespectful on sandbox (prop spamming), he encourages the bad behavior in event (laughing while they're disobeying teamspeak and event rules instead of asking them to stop), he also sticks his nose into business that doesn't involve him (when his friends get in trouble he tries to tell us they didn't do it when multiple people watched it happen and he wasn't there for it.) BorkLord BorkLord
Asriel Asriel 04/23/2017 KC is a great guy he is always helping out and and making hearthigen shine InfernoBorkExclusive InfernoBorkExclusive
ThatGuyWithTheAfro ThatGuyWithTheAfro 04/23/2017 He is a cool little dude with a BIG AFRO. he does a good job as staff and frankly needs to be mod ;) Lordratington Lordratington
Lordratington Lordratington 04/22/2017 He has Changed a lot. He is more mature,respectful,back seat mods, and is dedicated. KEEP IT UP :) 21 HULKGROUND 21 HULKGROUND
Lordratington Lordratington 04/21/2017 Great guy. Just because he has lot of negative feedback from last year doesn't mean much IMO. Hes fun, mature, and overall a great guy. Give him a chance :) GASHERMAN GASHERMAN
Derrick Derrick 04/21/2017 Derrick is the best meme. But seriously, he does his job great, and everyone loves a good meme. GASHERMAN GASHERMAN
A 5 Year Old A 5 Year Old 04/21/2017 A 5 Year Old is such a great guy. He is incredibly dedicated to Hearthigen. Hes also funny, and just overall great to hangout with. I highly recommend talking to him. GASHERMAN GASHERMAN
21 HULKGROUND 21 HULKGROUND 04/20/2017 Has been doing great. Bounced back from previous issues. Handles situations well NessPKfreeze NessPKfreeze
NessPKfreeze NessPKfreeze 04/20/2017 Great staff member, enforces the rules great and understands them well.He is also very respectful,mature,and helpful. KEEEPPP IT UP :) 21 HULKGROUND 21 HULKGROUND
Astra Astra 04/20/2017 So, I have talked to Astra for a good amount of time now. I could write on and on about how funny of a person he is and how much he has supported me since the time I have met him. So, ever since I met this particular human being, I have had nothing but fun times, and if it wasn't for him, I might not have gotten teamspeak and met really amazing people. When you meet Astra, I can almost guarantee nothing but fun times. If you haven't met or even talked to this person, I would highly recommend it A 5 Year Old A 5 Year Old
A 5 Year Old A 5 Year Old 04/20/2017 Very awesome guy to be around. He is very fun to talk and joke around with. He is also one of the most active players I have seen on TS and in-game. Astra Astra
[K]Toxic [K]Toxic 04/20/2017 Toxic is such a wonderful person to be around. Every time we end up playing together in a game or just simply on TS, she is always in a good mood and always likes to joke around :P. She is very active on TS and in-game.l If I met someone who has not met her I would highly recommend just popping in to say hi to her as she is very fun to talk to. - Astra <3 Astra Astra
Astra Astra 04/20/2017 Astra is a sweet guy and a great friend! Never fails to make us laugh, Always there for his friends, and support-if of this community! [K]Toxic [K]Toxic
Miss Mady Miss Mady 04/20/2017 ^-^ Mady is such a sweet girl, i enjoy talking to her everyday when i get on ts and i love how she caring for others. [K]Toxic [K]Toxic
A 5 Year Old A 5 Year Old 04/19/2017 Amazing guy mature helps out the sever and he is really active War Kid War Kid
A 5 Year Old A 5 Year Old 04/19/2017 Great staff, can't be beat, No other staff is as great as this one~Trump, Cpt H Barkington Cpt H Barkington