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Happy Birthday Hearthigen -- THREE MONTHS!

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Happy Birthday Hearthigen!

Allow me to go ahead and say a few things about this community starting from the beginning.

This community in itself was formed in the very ideology that we would start something special, something one of a kind. Everyone here has a say, everyone here has a voice and we listen closely to try and give you exactly what you need.

I can honestly say that my life has changed when we made this community. I have been having issues, all of you are aware. Yet, you guys still managed to continue and keep the community strong and beautiful. The idea of us serving the community, that is something you guys have taken to the next level.

When we look through surveys, when we look at polls we release, it is nothing but "Hearthigen is a home to me. The Staff are wonderful. I love this community!"

Of course there are always comments like "Staff are assholes." It's bound to happen, we cannot please everyone. However, we have always stayed true to our values. We don't backtrack our choices, and we certainly don't give in to pressures. We always function at the full value of the community, we always give respect to our players just as they give respect to us.

We formed out of the pure reason of making a difference in the Garry's Mod community, and we have done just that. The amount of players we have reached and helped, it is completely unbelievable. I am so proud of each and every one of you.

When I logged on today, I was nothing but happy to see that every player on the server was having fun. They were all enjoying themselves, why? Hearthigen is their HOME!

You have all made this possible. I am so proud on every level of the word. I want to say this again, as I have always said. Rank does not matter. We may have #1, but honestly, we will always be #1 no matter what GameTracker says. Do you know why?

Each and every one of you dedicates countless hours to making the gaming community a safe-haven for players of all kinds. All of you go out of your way to make sure the community thrives and becomes the best.

Allow me to speak for @ForgetfulCat when I say that we are all so proud of you and all we've achieved.

You are all my family, you all make this HOME!

Happy Birthday Hearthigen.

Feel free to leave comments on your favorite experiences/stories on the server, I'd love to read them!

- Heliuxen

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY My funniest moment i seen so far was when Helixun went warden to give away donator status and he was the only guard. He was shot with a awp in the head the next second Arch got kicked it was funny af.

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What an experience, I cannot lie that since I joined Gmod there has been 2 servers I played on, HGEN and another one for like 2 hours, so I cant really say that this community is better than any others but I know across games that there is no family like HGEN. You know that your close when people can come on call you a f**king snicker and your chill with it because that's how we are. We are a wonderful family who strives to leave a great impression on people. HGEN has taken time I had to give and turned it into a way for me to enjoy my time and have fun with people far and close.

Thanks to everyone who is part of this family, I love you all <3

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