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      Welcome to our community! While we are primarily a Garry's Mod community. We have expanded our servers to other areas and are welcome to new ideas and players. After registering with us, feel free to apply and become a part of our family! https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/2/hearthigen-member-application/
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      PoliceRP Beta Tester Applications are now up, Feel free to apply for them though this link https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/69/policerp-beta-tester-application/ Keep in mind you need to at least be an HGEN Member+ to apply for it, If you're not I suggest you apply for that.
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I forget my name.... However, I know im not Forgetfulcat

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THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS MY NAME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?! Oh yeah... It is Incend/Andrew..... Anyways, you will quickly find out that I'm a very weird person but always try to be as respectful as possible. I enjoy to love on my Kitty, [USER=7]@ForgetfulCat[/USER] and I am one of the very many gay people from Exoterra. (Yes, I'm gay) I pretty much love everyone I meet with one or two exceptions and I am going to die of a heart attack at the age of 20 according to [USER=26]@Neji[/USER] . Sometimes im hyper as fuck and other times in the most da sounding person ever. This is due to a problem I have where I tend to have low blood sugar all the time. I basically drink so much soda that I have made people think I will have a heart attack so early. Oh and if you are gay, I WILL FUCK YOU SO HARD UNTIL YOU COME TO GAY CAMP EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT ON THE EXOTERRA TEAMSPEAK!!!!! If you are not gay, I will make you gay like I did to [USER=17]@ShameOnTurtles[/USER]. <3

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