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TeamSpeak Channel Refresh

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There's been a lot of changes to teamspeak in terms of rules and how it operates. Along with more players creating their own channels there's a mix of active ones and space taking ones. Channel groups are being given a boost to allow more control of your channel (which is why everyone has it removed). Due to this ALL TeamSpeak Channel WILL BE REMOVED. This is to clear out previous channel admins since there has been channel admins for a channel that isn't theirs. I've noticed how there were channels containing program files which should NEVER happen and is not allowed. We don't want to have a random user download a program only for it to be a virus. Until further notice only upper staff is allowed to upload files to channels. Please save any files in your channels now as on Sunday at the end of the day, they will be deleted permanently. As for channels users will be required to make channels following the guidelines found here---- [URL]http://hearthigen.com/index.php?threads/teamspeak-rules.1511/[/URL] Please read the rules thoroughly, there have been a noticeable amount of issues on TeamSpeak brought to our attention that need to be addressed in a proper manner.

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