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Lemon Of wonders

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This is how you get to know me :3 I was a rpg game developer (I have since quit) I released a game on game jolt (May not be there anymore) I learned Game Development from school and my home My room is a mess I have pictures of naked lemons I still remember how to somewhat code no I will not make a game I have helped with server coding on a friends TTT server (While you guys were at exoterra) I was a Officer a few weeks before the switch I am kinda shy but try to throw myself out there I will sometime apply for Officer again sorry that I said you weren't a hot pepper Zela (I thought it was a love thing) I have a girlfriend named Makyla (Kayla for short) I was very depressed once I am an adopted lemon I am Christian I'm on mostly around 2:30 - 4:00 I love getting on TS I love to show my creativity I had a gaming community once (It was trash but I was like 10) I'm 13 I call myself a lemon but I'm really a ExorhexianDLian I love playing Gmod (friend me if you want) Yes

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[CENTER][FONT=Courier New][SIZE=7][COLOR=#ff4d4d]Welcome ThankfulLemon[/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR=#ff4d4d][SIZE=7]to the Hearthigen Embassy[/SIZE][/COLOR] [SIZE=1][COLOR=#ff4d4d]My you never be able to read this.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR=#ff4d4d][SIZE=7][/SIZE][/COLOR] [SIZE=7][COLOR=#ff4d4d][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]

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