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I have been away for some time recently, as many of you are aware of the reasons. The circumstances as they were-were enough to create fear in a multitude of areas, and this fear often resulted in some confusion as to what was going on.

I will be as transparent as I can be with all of you as to my feelings on any and all situations that have rose out of the dirt while I have been so heavily inundated with treacherous trials.

Hearthigen is a place where we, as a community, create a safe-haven for all and any players, right? We've always preached, "Let's be the best we can be! Let's treat everyone GREAT!" Where has that been lately?

While I haven't been around, a lot of you have wanted my attention. I have over 131 message on the website as of right now. I have around 140 + unread Steam messages, and an unknown amount of unread on TeamSpeak.

This is our home, Hearthigen. This is a place where we are supposed to be different. No one is above this rule, no one has the right to ruin the gameplay of another person, our server or NOT. No one has the right to treat people like they are nothing. Would you like being treated this way? No... Of course not. You are all very important to the community, whether you are a player, staff member, or a -HGEN- member. You are an important part of our puzzle that we call HEARTHIGEN!

For transparency sake, this is the poll stats after 136 submissions.


So we have 84% of all players feeling like this is home. Holy fuck. I never expected us to have that high of a percentage, in fact, I expected it to be around 50-60%.

To be where we are, to have the effect we do. It's one of a kind, everyone.

Allow me to address recent issues, despite these results --

Reports of:

Admins disrespecting Players

Admins fighting with other Admins

Admins enforcing rules that don't exist

What is going on, guys?

I hope that all of you take it to heart when I say you are my family; as a person who has been away for a little bit, it should be noted the importance of the change of this method.

You should all want to better the community, help all of our players feel engaged and feel as you have felt, safe. If you aren't doing this, re-evaluate your choices.

You are all wonderful, you are all great. Let's fix these mistakes and make sure we help build each other up. We have a mass of Staff now, and that is exciting as hell! The possibilities each of you bring... Oh man... It's unbelievable. Believe it, though: you are all GREAT!

Let's be sure we fix these issues, let's be sure that we all take responsibility for our actions and learn from our mistakes.

Let's continue to kick ASS and be the best we can be!

- Heliuxen

[uSERGROUP=48]@Jailbreak Certified[/uSERGROUP], [uSERGROUP=46]@THT Certified[/uSERGROUP], [uSERGROUP=22]@-HGEN- Member[/uSERGROUP]

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Ive played various servers over a good 4 years, and this is one of only 2 servers Ive ever settled into properly, and the only one I can call my home, especially after only a week or two of being here. You guys provide above and beyond services and with a few tweaks to some things, this server is going to a long way!

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Heli i love this community like my old Albanian boss used to tell me "Like a Beautiful women". I think it would be ideal if we streamline communication and conflict resolution as much as we can without causing issues.

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Out of all of the years I've been a gamer, Which is a good 7+ years. This is the only community I've ever played in that is this unique and has the relationships we have with one another. Overall, I'm loving it here.

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Now guys lets try our best to make this go through 100% for everyone. I want everyone to try to feel like they belong there and that we are always here to help them anytime. I wish that we'll be able to fix some problems and resolve it as quick as we can but i really can't do it without you guys so lets do this shit and hit for 100%.

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