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Based Sloth

The Entirely Dead CS:GO Team

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So... Like half way into January(?) Jaxon brought up a certain idea, I being a constant CS player would love this, But the team was abandoned not too long into its birth. I being the fuqboi I am is entering a 2v2 tournament with [USER=101]@Apisasian[/USER] that isn't very big but there was little to no entry fee (A 2 cent skin is ok.) and it made me want to know will there be a CS team for Hearthigen and no I don't mean having a huge super competitive team. I think it would be a decent idea but that's me. Obviously the biggest part to this team and whether or not it is formed is up to the [USERGROUP=3]@Owner[/USERGROUP] peoples. Make it happen and I will be the best damn Rifler/Awper I can be. P.S. Kana Fuck You.

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