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Complete OSP/Application reform proposal

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[COLOR=#ffff00]I'd like to start by saying this thread may be fair lengthy, so hold tight. Also this is the best suited Sub Forum I could think of for this kind of proposal. [/COLOR] [B][U][COLOR=#00ff00]Overview[/COLOR][/U][/B] Lets get straight into this. I have previously addressed my concerns with the whole application process system, and let me make this clear this is not another "issues" thread, this is a formal proposal for change for the better. Currently the system goes like this, User applies for any position, if +1's are obtained on their thread they are accepted. Once in a position depending on your friendships and the activity of your OSP trainer, will determine your journey from there. In relevance to the application process you could be completely inactive, but have strong friendships which get you over the line. There has been attempts to "Fix" this system, but its the system itself as a whole which is the issue, and this is my "Proposal" to create a new system which looks towards a more fair and efficient future. [B][U][COLOR=#00ff00]The Proposal[/COLOR][/U][/B] My Proposal is the creation of a Trial Moderator system, or whatever you'd like to call it. The way this system works is a certain day or perhaps few days of a month are picked. Lets call those day(s) promotion days. During the course of the month before that, Members are able to apply for a position through a form type document, like Google Docs, where the responses are all saved evenly. There is no threads pushed to the bottom, no unevenness. From there the heads of those Game modes, perhaps some level of staff have the chance during that month to meet together and discuss the applications made. Obviously there would be a lot of apps, so the meeting would be lengthy, however after this meeting a group of successful applicants would be chosen. However the week coming up to "Promotion day" would be spent working out which Mentors (previously OSP Officers), will be assigned to the new Trial Moderators coming through. Depending on time zones and what not, the pairs would be made, perhaps some Mentors with multiple Trial Moderators under their responsibility. Once promotion day arrives, the group of successful applicants are promoted and are assigned to their Mentor. During the course of the next month the Trial Moderator and Mentor must have a set amount of time spent in game with each other, as the Mentor helps teach and guide the Trial Moderator. Three weeks into the month the Mentor fills out a report card on the Trial Moderator, which is then passed on to the Head of that game mode to look over. If the report is approved, then the Trial Moderator at the conclusion of the month will be passed onto a full time Moderator, given all necessary permissions. If however they are denied, then they will be suspended for the next three weeks, then launch a reinstatement application to prove themselves another chance at Trial Moderator, in time for the next batch to come through. [B][U][COLOR=#00ff00]What does this System achieve?[/COLOR][/U][/B] The current system allows for favouritism, organisation and general lacking on structure to anything. This system allows complete fairness across the board, and will mean the system is COMPLETELY structured, disallowing any loop holes. How do I know this system works? Because I've personally created and run this system multiple times and have never seen it fail. [B][U][COLOR=#00ff00]Conclusion[/COLOR][/U][/B] All in all, i'd appreciate your opinions on my Proposal, however ask you to keep an open mind. Sometimes for something to be fixed, complete change needs to occur, and I feel this system will really step up the professionalism of the Community! Regards, Liam.

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