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Real Life Stories of School pt. 2

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Where do I start with this one.. Well there's this girl named hope Hamilton we gon call her "hammy" now hammy was a special ed crutch girl. what I mean by that is she used her adhd to get away with stuff that could've have been realized and corrected even if you have adhd cause I do. But anyway, I was walking to class and you know me I'm a gentleman I held the door open for everyone coming in the building. Apparently someone let their dog loose and it was running around on campus. Hammy sees that dog and I swear to God I saw fire in her eyes. I thought she was gonna hurt the thing but she comes up starts picking it up trying to hug it and then she starts licking the dog. Me being confused and low key scared I told Hammy that I'll let her have her time with that dog. What, 5-6 minuteslater she walks in the classroom with the dog rubbing his private area. I got up and left the class. Went Home. took a shower. took a nap. had a bad dream about that and haven't been able to sleep since then... need help


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