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DJ Daddy Bowl

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  Thought I'd do this so people can get to know me better, and I encourage others to do this.

Alright, so to start off, I was born March 9th, 2002 (Birthday 4 days ago,  Friday). As of now, I am 16 and hopefully, am going to start driving soon.

I am a white kid who loves to game and specifically loves games like Garry's Mod and the Lego "series." I don't know why I fell in love with the Lego games, just found them fun and simple, basic, easy. These games are most of my past time, however, usually on Saturday, I go to a local trampoline park called Skyzone (I'm sure it's in other places too) near my hometown, Lynn, Massachusetts. Besides gaming, tying in with the skyzone thing, I have an interest in flips and tricking, which grew back in 2017, where I been able to learn the basics,  frontflip, backflip, and sideflip, along with some combos. For school, I go to my local high school, Lynn English High School, I'm pretty basic tbh. I found Hearthigen, in 2017 and made an account on May 18th, 2017. Soon after, I fell in love with the community and it's people and eventually joined the staff team of Jailbreak, where I still staff on and play almost every day. I will mention some people who have been with me throughout my time in the community (Yes, it's turned into one of those).


@Eric - Eric Fatman 

@Fainter - Dude has been there for me and is amazing, still hasn't sent my mic though. .-. 

@littlebittykitty0103 - Qt. Also, very nice and friendly and was a great staff member (shouldn't have retired). Very funny and has always treated me with respect and care. <3

@[test]Asnue - Very nice, knows rules on JB,  very good staff member, reminds me of @Scottie .

@AlphaBravoCheesecake - Cool man.

@A 6 Year Old - Helped me when I felt like resigning and didn't feel like staffing, helped me with achieving admin.

@stallone212 Funny, nice, cool.

@Heliuxen Thank you for making this community and making it thrive every day with positivity and care <3

@Ignitionz - Cuck

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1 hour ago, Ryan said:

Do you live in the ghetto???



Just now, Ignitionz said:

I still remember when you were an officer last June and you were a complete shitbag when I told you some nigga was pming me to ghost and you didn't believe me.

Nah, you're the shitbag. ;)

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