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Your Strategy To Being A Perfect Warden

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[COLOR=#ff8000]Hello Hearthigen Community! Today I post on the Jailbreak General Discussion Forums to ask you;[/COLOR][U][COLOR=#ff8000] [I][/I] [I]What's your strategy to being the perfect Warden?[/I][/COLOR][/U] [COLOR=#b35900][U][B][/B][/U] [U][B][/B][/U] [U][B]Planning[/B][/U][/COLOR] [COLOR=#ff8000] For me, it's always about perfect planning. Before I jump into being warden, I always make sure I have a plan when jumping into the scary prison. Full of scary merciless criminals. When first designing your plan, it's always important to sketch down your ideas for the day. For me, I always have a packet of the [URL='http://www.hearthigen.com/index.php?threads/jailbreak-rules.228/']Jailbreak rules[/URL] and [URL='http://www.hearthigen.com/index.php?threads/jailbreak-top-25-common-days-with-rules.422/']Jailbreak Top 25 Games[/URL] by my side, for quick and easy reference. I think to myself, [I]"What hasn't been played yet?" "What will the players enjoy?" [/I]These are the key questions you need to ask yourself when planning to be the next "Good Warden". Planning is such a key feature because it's the Warden's job to entertain the players, other wise, you're going to end up with a lot of rebellers. [/COLOR] [COLOR=#b35900][U][B]Acting Swiftly[/B][/U][/COLOR] [COLOR=#ff8000] When you become Warden, you better believe everything happens fast. From the moment you push F4 and Claim Warden, everything seems to move 5x faster. It's extremely important you give out an order before the fast upcoming "9:20". This is when it is officially declared a "Freeday" when the warden fails to give a valid command. Just think of something unique and simple to say when you step into the Warden position (e.g. "Exist in your cells", "Get on top of your cell's bed"). Then, right after giving your command, you better be ready to take your plan into action, with full confidence and readiness. Depending on my plan, I usually have all of the prisoners meet in a spot with the least amount of "sniper view". You have to be sure you can get the prisoners out of their cells by 8:40, or it becomes a "Freeday", and your plan is ruined. Then, proceed with your plan and try and get your population down to as little as possible before evacuation (or time's out).[/COLOR] [COLOR=#ff8000][U][B][COLOR=#b35900]Staying Cool[/COLOR][/B][/U][/COLOR] [COLOR=#ff8000] As the Warden of a Prison, it's your job to be a leading role to not only your guards, but to your prisoners too. It's above all important to be sure that you can keep your cool, even when situations seem tense. You are the gravity holding your entire prison together. You must make sure your prisoners like you, and see you as a mature figure. It's never acceptable to lose your cool and start screaming and whining over your mic. You must keep a calm and soothing voice. You must settle your issues in style, and never in anger. You keep the whole server together for the 10 minutes you are in charge, be sure the prisoners won't regret letting you live. [/COLOR] [B][U][COLOR=#b35900]Holding [U]Your Grip[/U][/COLOR][/U][/B] [COLOR=#ff8000] I can't tell you how many times I see Wardens changing their plans and games to let escapees come back and participate. On top of staying cool, you must also let the prisoners see you as a strong and firm leader. Don't let others take advantage of your rules and standards. You'll be labeled as soft, and you will be more likely to encounter rebellers. Make sure your guards are up to the task or have a staff member sweep them. You must be firm, and strong, in case things get a little too "Out of hand". Don't be one to change your plan based on a few unexpected events. Keep to your fun game day, and make sure the little rebellers get squashed by your awesome guard team. [/COLOR] [COLOR=#ff8000][U][B][COLOR=#b35900]Prepare for [U]Anything[/U][/COLOR][/B][/U][/COLOR] [COLOR=#ff8000] Let's face it. How often do plans go according to plan? Almost never. There will always be something that will get in your way, and you have to be able to act fast. You have to be able to switch your mind set while keeping to the main goal. If a sniper is messing with your joke day, take him out or move your prisoners. But it's important that you're able to evolve to fix the problem. This strategy doesn't only apply to Jailbreak, but also to life. Things will happen, and that's just life. It all depends on how good you're able to rebound and take a different route to your goals.[/COLOR] [FONT=Marck Script][COLOR=#ff8000][COLOR=#0080ff]This thread is a Work In Progress (WIP), and is subject to change. Please leave your suggestions, ideas, and strategies for being a Perfect Warden, and some of them may even be added to my thread. Thanks for your support and don't forget to like it up![/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=#ff8000][COLOR=#0080ff]-cocokat1[/COLOR][/COLOR][/FONT]

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Usually when i'm warden I like to start off obviously with lava day execution day and kill your cell mate day. Then I just have random days while running around. And If I ever get shot I scream into my mic "HELP IM BEING RAPED BY THE CHINEESE" Never go outside. Seems to work ;) #BestWarden2016

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For me, I just pardon almost everyone who asks for it, call afk instead of afk freeze and warn people first when they aren't following my orders. I only get killed when i'm making weird days like Donald Trump Appreciation Day or Wrestlemania Day..

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