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      Welcome to our community! While we are primarily a Garry's Mod community. We have expanded our servers to other areas and are welcome to new ideas and players. After registering with us, feel free to apply and become a part of our family! https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/2/hearthigen-member-application/
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      PoliceRP Beta Tester Applications are now up, Feel free to apply for them though this link https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/69/policerp-beta-tester-application/ Keep in mind you need to at least be an HGEN Member+ to apply for it, If you're not I suggest you apply for that.

Post Meeting Discussion 3/27/2016

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[FONT=Marck Script][COLOR=#ff8000]Alot was brought up in Heliuxen's last meeting, what do you take from his discussion? How do you feel about his speech? How has his words touched you? His meeting was full of alot of emotion and alot of information. What do you think about it? Please start a discussion in the comments![/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Marck Script][COLOR=#0080ff]The purpose of this thread is to discuss the meeting and what we take back from it. To help write out what we have learned and can take away from this meeting.[/COLOR][/FONT]

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[FONT=Marck Script][COLOR=#ff8000]I felt like his words could really connect us to the roots of the community. It reminds us that behind our modern screens, lies a person, not AI or some sort of bot. It reminds us we are all human and that we can fall. But we can also rise. We are not bound to the words that others tell us. We can be anything we believe we could be. I feel like his speech was very inspiring and really connects us to the roots of the community. -cocokat1[/COLOR][/FONT]

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