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Heliuxen's Staff Introduction

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General Information

Current Rank: Owner

Name you want to be called: Heli, Shawn, Heliuxen

Ambitions as a Staff: To make a difference in every player's life possible. To help structure this community into it's true potential, a family for all.

Why you became a Staff: I became a Staff because I know I will absolve my own personal feelings for the better of the community. I have very little to worry about in my own judgement, because I know potential. I know all of my Staff well, I know their capabilities and hope to one day make a difference in all of their lives.

Rank you wish to achieve (reasonably): Godfather, obviously.

Anything else about you: I'm a YouTuber, sort of. I enjoy making people laugh, you will often see me causing trouble. I am also with my lovely woman, @Zelaliese who means the world to me. I hope that one day we can say Hearthigen is one of the greatest communities in the world, not because of our player amount or server amount, rather because of our characteristics and welcoming arms.

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