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The Hearthigen Meme Competition.

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Haha, so if you wanna win my virtual afro then put some homemade fresh Hearthigen memes down below. Suprise me. Winner will be announced next Monday. Good luck! This is just a weird fun competition I thought about. PLEASE WELCOME BACK THE CRINGE HEARTHI-TITION!


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Heliuxen : *exists*


People who gets the smallest problem on JB and could have been solved by another staff : ITS FREE REAL ESTATE.

Fladoodle : Let me guess, your home?


*insert pic of JB here*


Silverad : Yes.


*insert pic of murder here*


And it was beautiful.

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Heli: *exists*


people start flowing into the channel: HI HELI HI HELI. NOTICE ME HELI. HELI I GOT A GIRLS SNAPCHAT TODAY. 


Micheal: *dosnt answer phone* 


i did i swear i did

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