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Moon's Staff Introduction

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[B]General Information[/B] [B]Current Rank:[/B] [COLOR="red"]Co-Owner [/COLOR] [B]Name you want to be called:[/B] [COLOR="red"]Moon [/COLOR] [B]Ambitions as a Staff:[/B] [COLOR="red"]Help push Hearthigen to its max, help it raise to become one of the most known TTT servers (As it's already the best one out there). Bring an unique and fun experience to my users. [/COLOR] [B]Why you became a Staff:[/B] [COLOR="red"]Friendship is what fuels me. I became staff to help my -old- friend Heliuxen with his servers that I enjoy playing into becoming a solid and friendly place to stay and play. [/COLOR] [B]Rank you wish to achieve (reasonably):[/B] [COLOR="red"]Owner(It is reasonable, yes). [/COLOR] [B]Anything else about you:[/B] [COLOR="red"]I'm very protective of the server (Is that how you even write that?), by that I mean if someone's behaving in a way that would damage the server image just one bit. I'd step in with all I can, and I mean it. I'm actually a really nice person and mean no harm to anybody. If I ever be rude to you, be sure to know that I don't meant it for real, unless you were being rude as hell. I'm black. [/COLOR]
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