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Hello everyone! After being relocated from the last community Kleiners bar is back in business. Except, it is now a club! Thanks to [USER=618]@Markozeeko[/USER] for helping with the name! Kleiner's club is a place for people to come to chill and listen to music while interacting with fellow members. Why should you come to Kleiner's Urban Club? Because we only have the top notch DJs on Hearthigen! [USER=514]@Nick[/USER] . Also, Kleiner's Urban Club host events and has a Club theme which would be fun for all users! Down below is the channels info guide and other things. The only way you can come in is if you are on the list, so make sure to talk to me to get on it. We have bouncers [USER=499]@Flwuffy[/USER] and [USER=270]@The Anonymous Rainbow[/USER] who will kick you from the channel if you are not on the list as bouncers. So please read down below and hopefully come down to visit sometime! After being relocated from blah blah Kleiners bar is now back in buisness! If you would like to apply for these jobs below, please talk to me! Times Monday-Thursday 7:30PM EST to 12:00AM EST Friday 7:30PM EST to 3:30AM EST Satuday 4:30PM EST to 3:30AM EST Sunday 2:00PM EST to 12:00AM EST Note: Kleiner will not always be here at this time. If he is not, the club is only open if Assistant Manager+ is here. Rules 1. If you are not on the list, do not show up. If you'd like to be on the list message Kleiner. 2. You MUST listen to the staff. If they ask you, you must do it and if you do not you will be kicked out. 3. The only person that can play music is the DJ+ but you may request songs for the DJ to play. 4. No one edits the description unless given permission by Kleiner 5. If a staff member is higher then your job in the club, please listen to them. 6. Staff do not abuse your powers. If Kleiner hears about you doing this there will be consenquences. Owner: Kleiner Manager: Brynn, Connor Assistant Manager: [N]ate DJ: Nick Bouncer: Flwuffy, Anonymous Rainbow, LT.Kitty-Kat Chef: D_Cheese Bartender: Markozeeko, XGN FTW Waiter: On the list Brynn Flwuffy [N]ate Nick Dallas Markozeeko Fuzzydomo Anonymous Rainbow D_Cheese Lt.Kitty-Kat Faunus Blake XGN FTW VaginaPotato This is the current list. Of course people will be put on it more and there will be more jobs that people will have but this is just the basic. A lot of this will be added on to but I am not going to edit it in the forum. Anyways, thank you all for reading and do not forget to come on down to the club! Also an event will be hosted soon so if you are still reading be prepared for some mafia :)

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