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TheDeadMoose's Staff Introduction

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[B]Current Rank: [COLOR=#ff0000]Head Admin[/COLOR][/B] [B]Name you want to be called: [COLOR=#ff0000]T[B]heDeadMoose, Dead, Moose, TheDead, TheMoose, Josh or Joshua[/B][/COLOR][/B] [B]Ambitions as a Staff: [COLOR=#ff0000]T[B]o make the server a safe and fun experience for new people and even the old ones.[/B][/COLOR][/B] [B]Why you became a Staff: [COLOR=#ff0000]B[B]ecause a long time ago during an era known as The Rhenxion Faction, a man named Heliuxen was starting this era and he was in need of staff members, so I decided that I loved this man and wanted to become a servant to him.[/B][/COLOR][/B] [B]Rank you wish to achieve (reasonably):[COLOR=#ff0000]L[B]eft Shark of The Owners/Co-Owners(Commander)[/B][/COLOR][/B] [B]Anything else about you:[COLOR=#ff0000] I'm in the band and marching band for my high school. I love videos games, and the Families Heliuxen makes.[/COLOR][/B]

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