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Hello, I've been scoping around the internet for solutions for to my problem. So recently, around 2 days ago, I ordered an Ironside Minion Ultra, in which I bought a Creative Fatal1ty headset, [URL=''](here)[/URL]. The microphone has been working beautifully for the past 2 days. When I first set it up, on my Windows 10 PC, I used the 'Set Up A Mic' feature. I've used this mic on my PC that I ordered from Ironside, and an old one that I've been using. The mic was preforming alright, but then I went to plug the mic into my new PC, and I was dumbfounded that there was no audio coming out of my headset. The microphone is working fine, but the audio just isn't. I've tried and tried to find a solution to this but I really just can't. The jacks are plugged in correctly, and I've tried the ones on the front and the ones on the back. The PC came with RealTek HD Audio. If anyone has a similar situation, and knows how to fix it, please help.

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