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All eyes are watching... Remeber this...

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[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=4][COLOR=#ffff99][COLOR=#ccff99]There has been something on my mind that no matter how many times I or some one else brings it up, its never TRULY addressed. It gets pushed under the rug or over looked and or hidden.[/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=#ffff99][B][/B][/COLOR] [COLOR=#ffa64d][B]I want to speak up about it, but I'm afraid of the backlash that comes with speaking ones mind here in this community. After a lot of thought, I have concluded that in truth i have nothing to lose and more to gain by speaking,... So i changed my mind.[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR=#99ffff] I want to remind you guys that every post you make is a cyber trail of your behavior in this community. Granted some of those post can be deleted, threads locked or removed, doesn't mean all will be... that is your impression you leave behind...[/COLOR] [COLOR=#ccff99]There has been, and is a lot of drama and division here... When i come on the the forums or get on teamspeak, all i see or hear is some one tearing down some one else or dragging their name through the mud. Granted i have done my share of this and i regret it deeply because I'm not helping anyone nor am i helping my self by contributing to a growing problem. There are people who want to see Hearthigen fail. There are people who will gain a lot if it does... [USER=1]@Heliuxen[/USER] has made mention of this... We are supposed to be building each other up as this is a family community... that is at least the ideal that I was told Hearthigen caries when i joined. Its that idea that made me stay. When you post or say something negative about each other, or attack one another, you are hurting your self more then the person you speak about or too. You only slightly tarnish some ones idea of another person but in the end what does that person end up thinking of you when you speak about others? Will they think you talk about them too? What does that say about you? [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [CENTER][FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=5][COLOR=#ffa64d][B]You represent this community, but you are not upholding its morals...[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff99ff][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER] [FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff99ff]We are, well at least i know i do or try to support others even if they make mistakes. And we are all going to now and then. but its from these small hick-ups can we learn from them and farther are growth as a community. Set an example for new comers to see that this is a place of fun. that this is a place to make friends.This is a place to just get away for a while... You truly do not know what goes on in some one else's life. I truly believe that when we share our own experience with one another and when you are open to hear it that you can understand some one else and what the trails they or you have been through have to offer one another. We are not all going to be friends or agree with one another but that does not mean we cant be civil. That does not mean we cant get alone. It starts and stops with you...[/COLOR] [COLOR=#ffa64d][B]So i leave you with this. Please stop and think before you share... [/B] [B]Stop and think about what you are about to say.[/B] [B]Does it need to be said?[/B] [B]Does it need to be said right now? [/B] [B]Does it need to be said by you? [/B] [B]Does it need to be said right now by you?[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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