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Hey, I'm ☁ Chxrłıe :)

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[CENTER][SIZE=4]As hardly any of you know I'm [/SIZE][URL='https://steamcommunity.com/id/Chxrlie'][SIZE=5]☁ Chxrłıe[/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=1] [I](pronounced Charlie for you fuqbois out there).[/I][/SIZE] [SIZE=4][I]________________________________________[/I] [I][/I][/SIZE][/CENTER] [SIZE=4]I've been apart of the community for almost a week so far and have enjoyed it quite a lot. I mostly lurk around the [URL='http://ts3server://ts.hearthigen.com/?port=9987']TeamSpeak[/URL] and play on the [URL='http://steam://connect/']Jailbreak[/URL] so if you see me feel free to say Hi : ) . I'm quite friendly and don't bite[/SIZE][SIZE=1]yet [/SIZE][SIZE=4]so don't be so shy. [/SIZE] [CENTER][SIZE=4]________________________________________ [/SIZE][/CENTER] [SIZE=4]So, about me. I guess I'll start off with my [S]stalking[/S] befriending details ; ) I live in Liverpool, England, studying Graphics and Computer Science.ᶦᵏʳ ᶰᵉʳᵈ Watching anime and sleeping most of my life away, I spend my spare time playing Garry's Mod, League, with myself or messing around. Hope to see you all on the servers![/SIZE] [CENTER]________________________________________ [SIZE=4]Help yourself to me:[/SIZE][/CENTER] [SIZE=4][CENTER][URL='https://steamcommunity.com/id/Chxrlie/']View Steam Profile[/URL] | [URL='https://steamcommunity.com/id/Chxrlie/']View Forum Profile[/URL][/CENTER][/SIZE]

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