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Recognition of an Outstanding Department

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I wanted to go ahead and take a moment and recognize a department that has been doing an absolutely outstanding job here in Hearthigen.

It is because of this department that so many things have been handled civilly and diminished into near extinction. It is not easy to perform the job that they have had to do, as the job is not a truly "thanked" position.

It is with my great pleasure, that I thank @EarlWheeler's Conflict Resolution department for all they have done in this community since established a month(ish) ago.

The continued striving for success and the way the department has functioned is impressive to say the least -- both effectively and efficiently. All departments should work to do the best they can do, because it's all they can do. You should all strive to be like the Conflict Resolution department, serving the community and showing innovative ideals and qualities.

Great job, boys and girls.

[uSERGROUP=104]@Trial Mediator[/uSERGROUP], [uSERGROUP=105]@Mediator[/uSERGROUP], [uSERGROUP=86]@Advisor[/uSERGROUP] [uSERGROUP=87]@Counsellor[/uSERGROUP]

Continue to make Hearthigen a great place for ALL to play!

- Heliuxen

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Thank you guys and gals for the support and hard work.

CRD is here to help you solve your discrepancies and Listen when you just need to vent out a problem.

We are your safe haven In Hearthigen

That was gay

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