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Deathrun Rules

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Deathrun's Ruley Stuff v2.0


Welcome to Hearthigen's Deathrun server! We have rules & guidelines for our Deathrun server. Be sure to read them carefully!




Type !donate to donate to our server

You agree that this is a donation, with no goods or services implied or agreed to. By donating you are not entitled to anything. All perks received for donating are tokens of appreciation.


*We reserve the right to turn your microphone on in-game if we suspect you are ghosting. By closing this window / joining this server you accept to these terms.

Do not loophole find or rule lawyer any of the listed rules.


Now, lets get into the real stuff...


General Rules & Guidelines


1.) Do not disrespect, If you do you could be muted, gagged, kicked, and/or banned

2.) Do not use any hacks, scripts, or exploits, (or attempt to find/use one.) If you see someone using hacks or exploits report it at https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/57/ban-request/ .

3.) Do not mic spam or chat spam. Even if your story is interesting, some prefer not to hear/see it. 

4.) Do not ghost or meta-game.

5.) Do not argue with staff. If you have a problem with a staff member or if they are abusing Please hop on our teamspeak (ts.hearthigen.com) or leave feedback (basically a user report) and we’ll get to it as quickly as we can!

6.) You may be punished if your sprays include the following...

  • Content not PG-13
  • Contain racially offensive words, scenery or acts
  • Contain repulsive events that have occurred

7.) Do not have an offensive name, this includes names in your text hat, you also must have 3 English letters in your name

8.) Do not advertise external content (ex. Websites, other game servers, and software)

9.) You are aloud to backseat mod, however, you may only tell someone that they could be punished for doing what they're doing, not that they will be.

10.) Do not impersonate staff (ex. having the same name as them, copying what they're saying)

11) Do not ask or beg for points.  It can be very annoying and can result in punishment if you are caught asking and or begging.

12) Do not evade a punishment by our staff. Doing so can result in a ban or a longer ban length.

13.) DDOS threats can be taken very seriously. Making any even as a joke may result in a Permanent ban from all our services. 

14) Do not trail spam.

15. Enjoy your time, be linent and rejoice!



Death Rules

1.) Do not trap spam (ex. activating all the traps before a runner even comes through)

2.) Do not trap steal, doing so can get you punished. (ex. Sitting in front of a trap button so that the person who has it claimed can’t use it so they leave that trap)

3.) If you are to call a freerun you must get a majority of the deaths to agree

  •    If there is 2 deaths you must both agree
  •    If there is 3 deaths 2 deaths must agree
  •    Do not trick the runner by saying anything similar to "freerun" (Ex. Freerub) If you do this it will be counted as a freerun.
  • Do not trick the runners. Saying anything similar to "Freerun" (Ex. Freerum) counts as a Freerun.

4.) once you call a freerun you may not activate any traps

5) Do not evade Death role. Anyone leaving, killing yourself, or ignoring runners will be punished.



Runner Rules

1.) Do not delay (Ex. if the death is nowhere near you keep going)
2.) Do not bait the deaths (Ex. saying somewhere you are not, like saying you are already half way through the map when you're actually at the beginning.)


tldr; Basically don’t be dumb, don’t yell and don’t be mean as death. Also don’t argue with staff unless you know what you’re talking about.


Rules updated on 4/8/17

  • Minor changes. (Ex word choices,specifics.)


Contributors : @Nova, @Lil' Poof, @BorkLord.

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