Kolor's Staff Introduction

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[B]General Information[/B] [B]Current Rank:[/B] [COLOR="red"]Umm.. Recruitment Officer? [/COLOR] [B]Name you want to be called:[/B] [COLOR="red"]Kolor [/COLOR] [B]Ambitions as a Staff:[/B] [COLOR="red"]To be a really good and nice staff member that Armegardeon can enjoy :) [/COLOR] [B]Why you became a Staff:[/B] [COLOR="red"]to help out the server [/COLOR] [B]Rank you wish to achieve (reasonably):[/B] [COLOR="red"]Umm... Something like Overseer? idk thanks guys! :) [/COLOR] [B]Anything else about you:[/B] [COLOR="red"]I eat dogs and I am asian. [/COLOR]

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