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      Welcome to our community! While we are primarily a Garry's Mod community. We have expanded our servers to other areas and are welcome to new ideas and players. After registering with us, feel free to apply and become a part of our family! https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/2/hearthigen-member-application/
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Hearthigen Website Update

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Our website has been updated. Thank you all for remaining patient while we got this done. We are now fully SSL compliant and this will help with many different aspects of your experiences here at Hearthigen Embassy. Since we are the best, of course, we decided to take it to the next level.

Check. MATE. Trashbin upgraded to dumpster.

Be sure to thank @kanalumaddela for his extensive work with me in getting the website to the correct level of compliance. Could not have done it without him!


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I guess I don't understand what's different? It's always looked relatively the same since I've been here.

All I know is that I have to click on the shoutbox for it to update, and it logs me out after a while. That's a little bit frustrating tbh lol

Up top by the URL, it is locked now. Not regular without the green lock.

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