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      Welcome to our community! While we are primarily a Garry's Mod community. We have expanded our servers to other areas and are welcome to new ideas and players. After registering with us, feel free to apply and become a part of our family! https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/2/hearthigen-member-application/
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How to become a Member on the Forums.

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So you just made an account on the forums now what?

Well first off you can start off by applying for member but Arch "How do I apply to be a member?" Well to apply for member you should notice that there is an "Applications" button at the top of your screen.

[spoiler=Picture] 8fc6f191a137f17ba4b54645de518c9e.png

Once you click on "Applications" you should see the applications that are open for you at the moment, You want to start by pressing on "Hearthigen Member" [spoiler=Picture] e48498c4ef04835e9feaa9d3e0822c8c.png

Once you have clicked on "Hearthigen Member", Fill out the form and keep in mind some questions are jokes so don't take it too serious. Once you're done click on "Submit Application"


After that you will notice that it brought you back to the main page and in the shoutbox it will show that you posted a new thread which is your Member Application.

[spoiler=Picture] 3f38a77eaba18c90ec3d898e7881975e.png

Go ahead and look over it if you want, Pretty much what happens now is you have to wait until a [uSERGROUP=58]@Recruitment Certified[/uSERGROUP] looks at your application and either accepts it or makes a poll that people can vote on if they want you to be a member or not, For the most part your application will usually get accepted in a day or two, All depends on who's online and if people like you in game or out of game.

Once it gets Accepted you can now apply for Staff,

Feel free to check out my next guide @ https://www.hearthigen.com/threads/how-to-apply-to-become-a-staff-member.4086/ If you are interested in becoming staff.

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