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Alright, now I have spend some time thinking. I have decided that we will be using a Version of Dungeon and Dragons called Pathfinder. Now i have decided that i am gonna accept 4 people to play. But i have 1 Spot Reserved For Zela, the reason behind this is because she is the person that is gonna be helping me get this stuff sorted out. Alright so what i need people to do is first Add me on steam If you don't already Have me on you're friends list (links will be in the description). Then Seccond i am gonna then to decide who is going to join, based on who i feel that is gonna take this seriously, and by seriously is who is gonna actually play when we decide to play, and actually "Roleplays" what i mean by roleplay is play as your character you don't have to be like the whole time in the game always acting like your character. Alright Now I with the intro stuff out of the way i can get to the main stuff for me to also accept you, you need to create an account on these websites First you need to make one on Mythweavers. That is for all the character sheets. Seccond you need an account for Roll20.org That is what we will be playing the game with Now if you are going to join, you need to understand that if you roll bad you don't need to get mad its a random game, you roll dice and ether might do something good or even bad.

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