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Merry Christmas Hearthigen

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Today is not quite Christmas, however, I know most people will not be on tomorrow, so the post will come up the day before so that you can all see it.

Thank you all for all you have done. This community is one of the top, I would fare to say in the world. We have made huge strides, and we continue to impress. We not only have created retentive services, we have also created something more important: family.

It became apparent in all of the times we've had so far, we've had little conflicts here and there, as we would. We still somehow came out of it strong as fuck, we all resolve the inner conflicts and we do that together. This community is by far the best I have ever been in, and I am thankful to be able to say I get to be apart of it.

This community is built by ALL of you. All of you contribute to this family, all of you make this worth it. I am thankful for that.

For Christmas, the one thing I wanted was for @Zelaliese to be mine forever, however, community-wise, I wanted everyone to feel at home. We achieved this, and I cannot be more proud! We have been incorporating everyone into our circle and we continue to grow and make people feel at home, daily. I have received countless messages saying how great you guys are and how happy they are to have our services available to them.

That makes me very proud. I am proud to say Hearthigen is your home away from home! You have all made this possible. You have all gone far beyond the call of duty to make this community the best it can be.

We are incomparable, there is no other words I can say beyond that. Because of you guys, we have this amazing community. We have this amazing family. We have these awesome friendships, which are everlasting.

Every single one of you are IMPORTANT. Whether you are Staff, you are a -HGEN- member or you are a community player just in general, you guys are GREAT!

I am so proud. I am so thankful.

They say for Christmas we are to spend time with our family, well, I HAVE! I have spent time with all of you, as I plan to continue to do. You are my family, I cannot stress that enough. You are all amazing!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Thank you all for making this possible,


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Thank YOU honey for making all of this possible! You have worked so hard to make this beautiful home for us to stay in. We couldn't have done all this without you <3

As for us, I am yours forever and ever <3 You have made life for us as people and a couple the best life ever. You made all my wishes come true <3 I couldn't ask for any better :) I love you <3 And I love this community!

I am truly proud of you guys! You all have worked SOOO hard to make this community what it is today. And one day, we will be the best community out there! (Although we already are) We will grow bigger and bigger each day. Together always <3


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