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Department Head Applications Available

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From here, ALL DEPARTMENTS except Conflict Resolution Department will be completely reset. The "Coordinator/Director" positions will become open and you will all be able to apply for these.

OSP Director Application: Click here

GFX Director Application: Click here

Event Management Coordinator Application: Click here

Forum Director Application: Click here

Recruitment Coordinator Application: Click here

What each department does:

OSP - The Training program for all new Officers, they control who is assigned to each Officer and the overall function of training, setting standards that have to be met, etc.

GFX Director - Pretty straight forward. Control all outgoing graphic requests and ensure their GFX Artists are taking care of business.

Event Management - Plans and hosts events, or has other members host events in their department on our services.

Forum Director - Manages all website issues, such as inappropriate threads, etc.

Recruitment Coordinator - Handles all Recruitment staff and processes all incoming applications for membership.

You do NOT need to currently be Staff to apply for one of these positions.

- Heliuxen

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