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Nerf Payback

Roast Night

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Roast Night will be a night where we jokingly tease and make fun of one another. This night is meant to be fun. So let get on with the rules!

*No threats to harm other people (being serious)

* Please little racism

* Don't Dox people

* Keep mic spam on the low.

Ok now that, that is over. Please RSVP in the comments so i can make a draft of who goes against who. Feel Free to ask me things. My Teamspeak name is xXFilesXx

(if you can't take a joke please don't participate)

Dates and Time:

7/2/16 (July, 2) 5:35 CST - ???

[RSVP=4428]Click here to RSVP[/RSVP]

Corporal Cactus - 1 - looking forward to Grief's and Feroh's fire roasts

Cynical Sadie - 1 - Come roast me

DiversionFrenzy - 420 - MAYBE FAM

Dradaus - 1 - roast god

Grief Godly Finesse - 1 - Boy im flamin all of yal


Junɇ - 0 - i cant cook

Mama Bidoof - 1 - Ok

Nerf Payback - 27589787 - bishhh

Official Trapezoid - 1

Total: 27590214

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