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My Kick-Ass Story

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What's up guys my name is Watermelon and I am gonna tell u the story of my life. On the day of July 26, 1999 a awesome person by the name of Kentrell was born (That's Me). I was a cute baby if I do say myself, I was very laid back until my later years which ill go on to later... But anyway here comes the sad part on August 4, 2001 I was well I don't like talking about this part but anyway I was abducted and left in a abandoned building 3 hours later I was found by my mom and the police my mom being 17 at the time had to take school off her schedule just so she could find me. I was later adopted since my mom had to focus on her studies and couldn't find time to find me a good home, so I was adopted by one of the sweetest family I've ever met in 2005 I was adopted and we had a great time together for the first few years.. well in 2012 my brother was in a fight with my adopting dad all my brothers were adopted by the way. I was so confused what was going on but I saw that my brother hit my dad first so.. My mom got a wooden plank and started hitting him with it I was just standing there then I thought hey why don't I join in he hit my dad I'm gonna hit him I started hitting him on is leg and kicking him. After that he left the house visiting often but then on this one day on December 3, 2013 he was arrested for possession of marijuana. We are gonna time jump to 2015, He sooner got arrested again I forgot but this was his third time um we bailed him out bad idea he said he was gonna change but kept arguing with us so we kicked him out My other brother was not even worried about what was going on he was in college. Well 2016 here we are the big 2016 My family has not heard from either from them I text them sometimes but then I learned that My brother Shawntez had a bad case of staff infection. He's still in the hospital so #PrayForTezThe rest of my life story is with this community and I love you all thanks for seeing my life story have any questions put them below and Ill answer them :).

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