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hearthigen family from a tiny Draduas pov part 2

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Many requests on a part 2 to my Hearthigen family community.

First that guy tray he is there I guess.

Then we have Toxic like the other mom of Hearthigen pretty chill.

We have Chara updated Chara is bad at don't starve together.

Then we have Trapazoid the edgy leader of Raid. No body likes Raid.

Then we have Ashleystar she is a female who has a cute face and games. guys surrond her like a moth to light just a bunch of tiny moths and a really big light.

Nate trained me to be staff. He did a good job I am just bad at it.

Frazoure is a furry and its ok because he likes foxy and that reminds me of Pyrocynical so case and point he is Pyrocynical.

Grief is a meanie face and bully's people so um he is prob a Raid member btw.

Trailor is the last one and I don't know Trailor is well cool i have just met him and he has not blocked me yet so.

This one was much shorter but they will be a new post tonight and +1 if you want to be on my next list.

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