Hearthigen Csgo Competitive team?

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I was thinking of assembling a Counter Strike Global Offensive competitive team. Currently my computer is a piece of crap so I cant really run many other games and games like Gmod and such dont interest me. Due to this hardware issue and disinterest I have become ok at the game. I am currently looking for people who would be willing to join. All ranks are allowed to "try out". I use try out in quotation marks because in this very early stage of this team, the team won't be very competitive in the beginning due to it's a new idea in Hearthigen but more like it will be a group of friends who are in love with cs go. If you are interested or have any questions or comments leave a reply here or you can talk to me personally by poking me in the teamspeak server. When leaving a reply HERE be sure to add you steam link id so I can add you and we may discuss. With love, Jaxon.

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