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Hatt[E] Hattington

Tier List for Jailbreak Weapons

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Hello everyone, I have devised a tier list or ranking list for the weapons in Jailbreak, this is open to debate where the weapons should be placed. The weapons are judged bases on kill efficiency, clip size, rate of fire, damage, and reload speed.

Viable Weapons to use in any situation:

SS Tier:

1. Minigun

S Tier:

2. AWP

3. P90

A Tier:

4. Galil

5. Prisoner Ravenger

6. AK-47

A- Tier:

7. Deagle/ Golden Deagle

8. M4A1/ Golden M4A1

9. Famas

Below are decent weapons, but harder to use if you aren't as experienced

B Tier:

10. TMP

11. Wubinator

12. Earthquake

C Tier:

13. AUG

14. SG552

15. Ye Olde Death Stick

C- Tier

16. MP5 Navy

17. Scout

D Tier:

18. Mac 10

19. UMP

D- Tier:

20. Steel Chair

21. Vector

22. Five-Seven

Below are the worst weapons in the game, these will not get you kills

E Tier:

23. Glock

24. USP

25. Knife/ Rage Knife

F Tier:

26. Fists

I know the newer weapons are not included, but I need time to get enough data on them. I will keep this updated daily

Edit July 7th 2016;

List created, major changes made

Edit July 8th 2016;

AUG switched to 13th tier from 14th, SG552 swithed to 14th tier from 13th, Vector changed to 21th tier from 22st, Five-Seven changed to 22st tier from 21th, Scout added to 20th tier

Edit July 9th 2016;

Glock added and placed to the 23rd tier | Steel Chair placed from 16th place to 20th | MP5 Navy moved to C- tier | Ye Olde Death Stick moved to C tier | TMP and UMP switched places (TMP was a 18th and was switched to 18th, vice versa)

Edit July 10th 2016;

Scout moved to 15th tier from 20th tier

Edit July 14th 2016;

P90 moved to 3rd tier from 4th, Deagle moved from 3rd to 4th, Famas moved to A tier, Mac 10 moved from 17th tier to 18th, TMP moved from 18th to 17th

Edit July 15th 2016;

TMP moved to C- tier from D tier.

Edit July 26th 2016;

Major changes made

Edit July 29th 2016;

TMP changes from 15th tier to 10th tier

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please put the vector in D tier due to low damage and close ranged weapon | the earthquake (m4a1 skin thats a shotgun) is devastating at close range but its long range ability is very weak due to wide spread of bullets (so somewhat s to ss tier) |

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TBH , I think AUG Is Better than Wubinator

The reason the AUG is below the Wubinator is because the Wubinator has no spread and a straight spray pattern, and the range is basically infinite so you can hit anyone anywhere from the map with it, also it deals decent damage. The AUG has spread, fires fairly slow, and only has 30 ammo.

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Hattington' date=' post: 38114, member: 1049"']8. M4A1/ Golden M4A1

Are you kidding me? A-Tier? No. It should be at least an S. Heck, it's useful when I'm the freeday prisoner, FF is on, prisoners are lined up, I do a prison shooting.

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The Warden's Ex' date=' post: 38307, member: 1295"']Are you kidding me? A-Tier? No. It should be at least an S. Heck, it's useful when I'm the freeday prisoner, FF is on, prisoners are lined up, I do a prison shooting.

It shoots slower than the AK, besides that I think the stats are the same, again this list was only made yesterday and is subject to ajor change

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