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Meeting 1/2/2016

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Be sure to RSVP!

We will host a meeting on 1/2/2016 @ 4:21 P.M. Central Time. I want to hear from you all, I want you all to do me some favors.

Here is your homework. I want you to think about these and bring suggestions forth at the meeting.

  • Admin system, should we upgrade it? Should there be a higher staff -- middle staff -- lower staff system? Should there be just higher a higher Staff system?
  • Motto: it is currently "Your home away from home." Do you have anything better?
  • THT: Updates? Ideas?
  • Jailbreak: Updates? Ideas?
  • How can we reach more people? We've decimated so far, let's keep that up.
  • Minecraft: Updates? Ideas?
  • New server(s) coming... ;)

Anything else you can think of, please feel free to bring it to the meeting.


[RSVP=441]Click here to RSVP[/RSVP]

12 Year Old Stereotype - 2 - Why Is the Pickle so Funny?

Caius In Da USA - 1 - Mom?

Clare - 1 - Yay :)

Detective Jay - 1 - Ummmm

Faunus Blake - 1 - DAD?

Imasin - 1 - Dad?

Jaxon - 1 - I might be able to make it idk if i am busy on that day I dont really have a shedule

Johnny - 1 - I might make some graphics for Hierarchy. I may also have more ideas to add for community :)

LT.Kitty-Kat - 1 - Jailbreak Questions

Payton - 1 - Im so happy i can join the meeting

Sad Seth - 1


ThankfulLemonMan - 1 - Lemon may be there

TheDeadMoose - 1 - Should be able to make it

Zelaliese - 1 - Turns out I am going to be here <3 Yay!

Total: 16

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