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DarkRP Delay

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I know I upset a few people by not being able to release DarkRP as intended on Sunday.

Allow me to apologize formally; however, I had a very big emergency that led to me being gone for a day or two. The situation isn't something I am going to discuss right now; nonetheless, all is better and I am able to return back.

I will be tentatively working on this DarkRP server, and I hope to have it up by Thursday / Friday for Alpha Testing. I can't guarantee this, because if anything else happens I will have to take off.

Nonetheless, in the last few days I was thinking about the direction I wanted to take this. I realized a couple of things about myself and what was going on made me think about Hearthigen as a whole. While you are reading this, please, take a moment and just be thankful you have another day of life. We are all blessed in this sense, and I hope everyone realizes how fragile life is.

I have decided the following for DarkRP, of which the Alpha test will include. I will need assistance, but I have a few rules too.

DarkRP theme ideas

  • Mafia vs. Police, outskirted jobs will be beneficial to both sides
  • Jobs will reflect need to have control in some areas, allowing for the Mafia to get a grip-hold on the Police
  • We may have a custom map made, but that depends on some variables
  • Guns will be immersive and reflect a latter period of Mafia, although we will try our best to keep them within our time range of 1910-1960
  • Police will have early forms of departments, justifying them due to necessity
  • Police will have a slight advantage due to the "being good nature," although this advantage becomes null in the fact Mafia really doesn't have restrictions. Police have to be careful, certain rules will apply to ensure vigilance or more realistic gameplay is induced
  • Vehicles may be introduced, although they would be customized and limited (ensuring you can't do crazy shit with the vehicles)

DarkRP Alpha rules

  • There will be a key, I will give only a certain amount of keys out a day for players to test with me
  • If you log on from a key someone else gave you, you will be ejected
  • There will be errors, bugs and glitches in the server. I expect these will cause some disruptions. I need them reported on the website, not screamed at me preferably
  • I want suggestions, so I will open the floor to suggestions in Alpha. I want the server to be completely player created, and I know you guys can do that
  • I will reserve the right to remove you from the server if I feel that you are being more destructive / trolly than I need. I need people who will help me test things, not just go and do random shit without checking in with me
  • Anything you obtain in Alpha will be removed for Beta / Public
  • Participation in Alpha will get you a medal on the forums and a special item on the DarkRP server to distinguish you
  • DarkRP is not meant to be #1, so please, do not come with the intent to make it #1. I want it to be a server about fun and community feels, not a server pursuing the #1 ideology
  • DarkRP is not to take all of the Jailbreak staff off at once, so even if you do get a key, if you see Jailbreak needs a Staff member or two on, please help it out
  • DarkRP will be completely immersive, so I need to know any breaks in the period we are trying to portray so we can try and alter it

I will be working on jobs today, and I am very excited about this. I wanted to be sure I thanked everyone for their participation and help in making something that I think will help bring us closer together in love and friendship. You are all absolutely great, and I am so thankful for each and every one of you today.

Remember, you are amazing. Thanks for making Hearthigen the best it can be!


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How many keys will be given out a day?

Undetermined at the moment, although the keys will reflect their ability to play that day and if they are unable to assist further that day we will assign more keys as needed.

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Can I suggest a job?

An Insane Asian:

Tools: Lockpick, Keypad Cracker

Weapons: Colt 1911, Your Fucking Car

Advert Abilities: Hit Complete/Failed

Team: Hitmen

Description: Just like the Hitman, you kill people for money, the catch is, you can only kill people by being so Asian that you roll over people with your car while screaming "HERRO!" at the top of your lungs. If that fails you can pathetically use your Colt 1911.

Slots: 2

Vote Required: Yes

Requirements: None

Salary: $30

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