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Moment of the Week
MOTW [POLL] 24-30/7/16

Which entry do you want to be the next Moment of the Week?   27 members have voted

  1. 1. Which entry do you want to be the next Moment of the Week?

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Make your votes on which entry should be next week's Moment of the Week!

The Winner gets:

-20'000 points on the Jailbreak server!

Here are this week's entries:

Entry 1:

By: @CrzshesNotCrashes

One day Heliuxen was playing jailbreak. He wanted corporal cactus's head, and so in prisoner chat he was counting down when all of the prisoners are going to kill him. Eventually when he said go literally like 30 prisoners started rushing forward to corporal and he died in about 2 seconds

Entry 2:

By: @Dradaus

ok so a super admin known as loud j sounds a lot like famous youtuber danger dolan who does top 10 lists and stuff like that so after begging and begging this beautiful moment of pure satire was made.



all partys were ok with this video

Entry 3:

By: @Berry Allen

so i was playing ttt and i confirmed everyone but me and somebody else to be alive but i didn't know i could kill people if it's 1v1 so i waited till he shot first but he got a headshot and one hit ko

Entry 4:

By: @Watermelon

That moment when I flooded the off topic spam section of the forums

Entry 5:

By: @Berry Allen

i said oh look a distraction in my mic and all the guards in the room (warden and 2 others)turned around. i took the opportunity to run into the winner's cell and stood there until evac

Wanna be on the list? Come back on Sunday and post your submission on the submissions thread, make sure you adhere to the rules or your submission will be deleted.

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