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Hatt[E] Hattington

Mario x Michael Jordan x Papa John fan fic revision

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I think my previous fan fiction was deleted, so I'm going to try to recreate it without breaking any of the guidelines, enjoy <3

One bright sunny day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario was sitting on a lush green hill eating a delicious Ham and Cheese sandwich Princess Peach had made him. After finishing his excellent lunch, he decided to finally get some hard work done. He recieved a call from a toad in the Mushroom Kingdom telling Mario his local teleportation pipe was clogged. Mario then rushed over to the pipe to try and fix it. He looked into the pipe, crawled in, and saw it was jammed with... basketballs. "Basketballs?" Mario thought. He then took out a koopa shell from his pocket, and chucked it at the basketballs. They all unclogged, and the pipe was now clear. However, Mario fell through the pipe, and ended up in a strange place. He was transported to an underground basketball court, where Michael Jordan was playing some b-ball. Let me just cut to the chase here because this gets sexual real quick, from a brief "hi" and blush, to full on cleveland steamers, with Mario calling Papa John to deliver some pizza, and when he arrived he instantly joined the "fun". They basically had sex until they died of exhaustion, the end.

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