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Heli X Mama Flwuffy Kou Bidoof

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So when I went on ts one day, I saw @Heliuxen talking to a hot girl in his office. Apparently she was working for him or something. They seemed to be talking about pokemon go, and something about pokestops and gyms across the office or something. I tried to listen in for the details, but I couldn't.

During lunch break, Heli took that lady by the hand and they went out catching pokemon together outside the office. However, little did Heli know that he stumbled upon a wild @Mama Bidoof .

When Heli realised it was actually Flwuffy, he just dropped his phone in shock.

"Kou! What are you doing in this game?" asked Heliuxen, clearly taken aback. His lady companion stared at him in surprise.

"I'll just go back to the office," the weirded out girl awkwardly waddled back into the campus.

"I just wanted to see you Heli <3, " @Mama Bidoof squealed in Heliuxen's smartphone

"Oh Kou, you look so cute today," Heliuxen smiled as he looked into @Mama Bidoof 's eyes.

"What about that girl you were with?" Kou looked at Heli inquisitively.

"Oh her? We just share a business relationship."

I had enough. I just stood up from the bush I was hiding in and waved at the jewish snek man named heli.

"What are you doing here, go back to Singapore, fkn asian," Heli looked at me in disgust.

Dejected, I walked away.

"Oh, Kou I just wanna catch them all of your heartt."


The man and the pokemon kissed and sorta got married, with Heli keeping a harem at the same time and had 3 little bidoof-man kids and lived happily ever after the end.

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The Warden's Ex' date=' post: 41383, member: 1295"']with Heli keeping a harem at the same time

This made me laugh quite a bit xD

Pokes fun at animes and Heli at the same time; well done! :D

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