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Defalt's Magical Adventure

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@Defalt ,the man thrown behind bars to rebel and kill the guards team for the rest of his life, we all know and love today, used to be a very different man.

Defalt used to work in a terrorist group in Heli Town. Everything was good. They terrorised the masses together, shot innocents and CIA Agents, detonated waves of bombs, shoot down airplanes, and everyone had fun.

Defalt was a terrorist loyal to his cause. He was a skilled sniper, taking the lives of many people in his service to the militant group.

One fateful day, the group was infiltrated with CIA Agents, and Defalt could no longer trust anyone. Day after day, he saw corpses of his comrades mysteriously lying about. This had caused tensions and unrest within the group.

"I'm with @Junɇ ," declared Defalt on the terrorist radio. He was together with another comrade and he was not gonna trust his fellow Southeast Asian terrorist, and if he were to stop responding on the radio, his comrades would know @Junɇ sold the group out.

Suddenly @Junɇ screamed in the radio, "KOS DEFALT HES SHOOTING AT ME!" Before Defalt had a chance to react, he felt something pierce his skin and everything went black.


Defalt was awoken by the loud blast. "All prisoners, afk, touching and facing your cell doors...." the sound went. It dawned upon him that he had survived and he was doing hard time in prison.

The moment he got off the hard bed he was lying on, his immediate instinct was to escape.

He hid in his cell divider, and he felt around to find a vent. As the prison warden was instructing the prisoners to line up, Defalt managed to break the vent lid open, and squeezed in. Escaping through the vents was common in his militia training.

As he was not familiar with the layout of the prison, Defalt randomly crawled around the vents to look for an opening. Soon enough, he found himself in an empty room, with open lockers with guns lying around. The armoury. Bingo.

Defalt searched around the lockers, much like a sewer rat picking its next meal. Something shiny glinted from the corner of his eye. Defalt turned around. He could immediately identify it. It was an AWP.

Defalt had to act fast. The prison guards probably had noticed his absence by now. He scampered off to the door and quietly made his way up the roof. He carefully positioned himself at the window. He saw guards frantically searching for him, with the warden pacing about. He whipped up his AWP and aimed at the warden......

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