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lr valid or invalid?

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so the lr on said day was for 2 prisoners to be jailed for the round, this would make it impossible for them to compete for lr and also impossible to rebel. I've never heard of such an lr and would like to know if it would be valid or not.

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Whenever I hear an LR that has to be done by staff (i.e Popcorn Day, Tiny Freeday, No Rebel Day, Douchbag Parkour day etc, etc.) usually the warden asks us if we want to do this. So I'm made to believe that LRs like this have to be accepted by the staff members.

But this one LR is invalid, because, as Shotclock said, you're delaying the round.

Idk if it would be valid if, say, they get unjailed when there's another last prisoner standing or it becomes a freeday

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Yeah this LR would be invalid and pretty much would have that staff member abusing their power to be able to do this LR, You shouldn't be jailing people to begin with..

lool your in A jail why the hell ask for someone to be in jail.....

fail lr imo

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