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Heliuxen + The Warden's Ex Creamy Good Time (Starring Mama Bidoof)

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So TWE and Heli were sitting in the park one night when TWE realized that Heli was a jew and that he had a jewfro. Before this, TWE just thought that Heli was a black guy who did the same thing as micheal jackson because of his afro but being white. But TWE knew that jews had a higher weeb rate than asians so he got mad and pulled a gun on Heli. Next thing you know Mama Bidoof shows up with her Hecate II and snipes the gun out of TWE's hand so that he wouldn't shoot up a Bidoof Farm. The noise that the Hecate II makes is proven to make people in the vicinity very horny so TWE and Heli got together and all of a sudden some holes were not empty any more.

2 years later and Heli got remarried to TWE.

2 years later and the Bidoof farms are still safe.

The end.

P.S can someone move this to the fan fiction section?

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