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Hatt[E] Hattington

Hatt[E] and Trailer go to an Italian Restaurant (Finale circa 2016 colorized)

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Hatt[E] and Trailer were enjoying their fantastic meal so far, when all the sudden Billy Joel enters the building. Trailer is in awe, he sees his favorite singer in the building and melts. Billy goes to a prebuilt stage in the restaurant, sets up his stuff with a couple other guys, and is ready to play some music. At this time, Hatt[E] and Trailer's entree has arrived. The waiter placed their dishes on the table and told Hatt[E] and Trailer to enjoy their meal. Hatt[E] tasted his spaghetti and meatballs. It was outstanding. The meatballs were so tender, and exploded with flavor. The spaghetti was nice and thin, and very delicious. Not to mention, the sauce was unlike anything he had tastes before. It was very savory and blended very well with the spaghetti. Trailer's pizza was fantastic aswell. The pizza was sweet and warm, with some of the best tasting mozzerella he had ever tasted. So far, everything was great, but things were only getting better.

Billy Joel was beggining to perform. He sat at the bench of the piano, practiced for a bit, and he was ready. He started playing the piano, and both Hatt[E] and Trailer both recognized the tune. It was Scenes from an Italian Restaurant. He began singing, and Hatt[E] and Traielr were completely fazed by his extreme talent. His music hit their bodies like a train, it was like nothing they've ever experienced. Afterwards, he kept singing his best songs, ending it all with We Didn't Start the Fire, Trailer's favorite song. Trailer melted so much he was basically a puddle.

What a great performance. When Billy was finished performing, he went on over to Trailer, and said greeted him. At this point Trailer wasn't even a puddle, he was evaporated steam. Billy pulled out a small book, signed it with Trailer's name, and gave it to him. Billy then shook his hand, and left. Trailer opened the book, and saw pictures of Billy and some cds of his music. It took about 15 minutes for Trailer to recover from seeing Billy, but it was ok. After finishing their delicious entrees, the waiter came over and asked what they wanted for desert. They both ordered a cannoli.

After a few minutes, the cannolis came by. As everything else they had tasted, it was fantastic. The waiter came over with the check, and Hatt[E] covered the entire thing. Trailer didn't even know whhat to say, he was so grateful. It was ok with Hatt[E]. They both went outside, Hatt[E] hailed a cab, and they went back to the hotel. Traielr thanked Hatt[E] for the amazing night. Trailer walked up to his room, and Hatt[E] took the subway back to penn station, where he would go home from there. What an amazing night.


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