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The Story Of The Chewbacca And Shotclock

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Day 1Loud

Once upon a time, On a normal day in Hearthigen Jailbreak, @ Chewbacca decided to pull a cute rebellion on the warden.

But It was backfired due to the warden himself named @ Shotclock. @ Chewbacca and @ Shotclock became an enemy to each other when it comes to @ Chewbacca pulling his malicious plot of rebelling. @ Shotclock would now make sure that the guards must keep an eye on me at all times due to my insane rebelling sprees. @ Chewbacca's plot was simple and easy. He would go to the secret tunnel and go up the ladders and kill 1 guard in his site then go into the secret wall entrance. @ Chewbacca notice that @ Shotclock noticed him shooting, so the warden demand the guards to go find @ Chewbacca and kill him. Chewbacca was smart enough to go through the disco and go into the secret speaker passage. But he was shot, but the guard never noticed so he left the room and declared it was clear, the rest of the guards were busy searching for the rebellers. @ Shotclock was even more smart and shot the speaker more times, but he shot the upper part of the speaker instead of the lower part.

Day 2

On the second day of the cancerous Hearthigen Jailbreak. Me and Shotclock decided to go on a rebelling spree on Carceris. Camping during Hide and Seek Sniping the guards and prisoners left and right while crouching. Then we found out, we were meant to work together to rebel. So @ Chewbacca Decided to change his name to Shotglock. @ Shotclock. @ Shotclock and Shotglock, The rebelling brothers. But they don't always rebel, usually when shotclock is warden, he would make sure that his brother Shotglock wouldn't escape from his sight. He knew that his brother would be a massacre if he rebelled so guards from every direction would look at the prisoners on the wall while the warden gave orders.

Day 3

Then a dark presence was coming from the warden, his eyes were glowing red, smoke appear, his power was OVER 9000!!!!!!!!! @ @ Shotclock and Shotglock saw who the warden was, I was shocked, It was @Loud J, The Loudest Warden made. The scariest memes ever existed. He was so loud he died from extreme yelling. The prisoners was so sick of him that they pulled a bomb and yelled ALLAH AKBAR!!! Then everyone else just mass suicide.

Day 4

Everyone was quiet, prisoners rebelled, and the warden was dead. It was a freeday, admins, moderators, and officers were on at the time. Tons of mass rdm, Rule breaking mic spammers, Camping guards in secret vents. And me...well lets just say i was having some weird fetish of trying to smell Narwhal girl... Not sure why but she should smelled ''fishy''. Then I got off Jailbreak and continued the next day.

Day 5

I got bored and didn't continue at all so I decided to leave jailbreak for a while and play other Hearthigen Servers.

Day 6

I still didn't continue and I gotten bored of Jailbreak so i don't go on it anymore.

Day 7- The last day

I finally went on Jailbreak, The first thing i see is mic spammers, Mass Rdms, Bans in chat, People getting gagged, Kids screaming into their mic, Muting players, Porn sprays. It was a chaos, but the admins fixed it and it all went back to peace, until a mass rdmer killed everyone on the wall. Then I left the server. Now i barely play it anymore.

Dang...This story sucks... oh well

Here's what I look like when i Rebel

<p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_08/01f54ae17b899af5e4062ca16ff56692.png.3756606b3ec89e8fe9884d1263264208.png" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"><img data-fileid="693" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_08/01f54ae17b899af5e4062ca16ff56692.png.3756606b3ec89e8fe9884d1263264208.png" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt=""></a></p>


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