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Trailer x Chase (Part 1)

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It was a beautiful Sunday morning in the Hearthigen Teamspeak server, specifically Trailer Park's channel. Trailer Park Supervisor (Nick) was having quite the time on teamspeak, he was talking to his internet friends. The people in his channel at the time were @Chase, @JamesIsMyName, @armerulez420, @MystikerDrachonBaxster, and Trailer. They were all talking about their favorite hentai or favorite anime on hentai haven. When Chase brought up his favorite Overwatch hentai, Trailer instantly felt a connection. They started to talk about who was better, Pharah, or Mei. Trailer and Chase both agreed that Pharah was the better one. They decided to go on a website called and watch Pharah hentai. They started to form a bond, and started to talk more about their feelings and everyday stuff with each other. Both Chase and Trailer would talk about their favorite anime and such every day, they would criticize animes and watch them together. Chase and Trailer became the best of friends. One day they decided they would meet up, meet up where exactly? Japan, the place they always dreamed of going. All the anime they wanted, all the hentai, everything they needed in life, was in Japan.

To Be Continued....

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