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DarkRP Current Bugs

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I noticed chief of police / police in general can't unlock / lock police depart ment doors

Update by @Archthious ^ That needs to be updated, Check this link out Heli, http://wiki.darkrp.com/index.php/DarkRP:Door_Groups

Also not sure if bug nor not but SWAT doesnt get arrest / unarrest batons

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No timer when arrested. Everyone has stun sticks, arrest batons, battering ram. Although its obvious, it still needs to get fixed. When looking at a door and typing chat, when you type the letter "V" it enables the raid menu. Also when in chat and not looking at door and type "V" again, it enables no clip for some staff. Although the no clip might not be a big deal, still sort of a bug or glitch.

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A few bugs/suggestions I have found are:

People can move my props when they are not on my Buddies List. @ChewBacca can verify this.

When you change jobs, you should respawn so if you buy a weapon or something it does not carry over.

Police and Mafia should not spawn with guns(should spawn with only pistol). This takes away business from the Gun Dealers meaning that they already spawn with pretty OP weapons. SWAT should spawn with guns. Not Police or Mafia tho.

Some Police classes are not allowed to unlock the police department. Classes are: Police Sergeant, Police Commander, Chief of Police, SWAT Recruit, SWAT Sniper, SWAT Specialist, and SWAT Commander.

You can kill people in spawn. I think there is a add-on or something to prevent that.

Check out http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=4000&searchtext=Spawn+Protection&browsesort=trend&section=home&actualsort=trend&p=1&days=1

and find a decent on heli or make your own.

I do not know what rank it starts at, but since I am Admiral, I can spawn a Nuke. ALL Staff should not be able to spawn ANYTHING in the "M9k Specialties" section.

When you try to setjob, jobban, jobunban someone, you should make it to where it is a drop down menu for all the jobs since people do not know all the job ranks.

You can not re-become a citizen once you have become a different job.

You should add some more guns to the Gun Dealer.

Rethink the prices of guns. Benelli is only $1000 and it is a very strong gun.

Make it to where Gun Dealers can sell single guns and not only shipments.

Every time a Hitman completes a hit, he becomes instantly wanted.

This is all I have right now... If I find more, I will post.

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Fading Door doesn't work neither does no collide Fixed

Everytime a prop is spawned it's instantly ghosted (don't know if it's bug but seems like one)

Can't use keypads Fixed

Hobos shoes gets stuck in Windows and then you can't get in (des pawns after like 20 sevonds but still a pain)

In the raid menu "v" you can raid yourself and you can add non raiding classes to the raid maybe get something so only certain jobs can

Master Theif doesn't spawn with keypad cracker

Apprentice doesn't spawn with pickpocket neither does master Theif

I wouldn't make the drug prices 20k+ if guns are less then 10k usually

Can't unlock / lock unowned doors and some doors are locked unowned so you would have to buy it unlock it then sell it if you wanted to get by

Mafia / Cops can drop there loadout guns

Can't use 2d textscreens Fixed

Non raiding classes can raid the pd / bank vault

Advanced Duplicator 2 Doesn't work

Government (Police / Swat / Mayor / City Council) shouldn't be able to own doors, They have the PD

EXP Gain don't work

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Can't raid bank vault even if there are 2 police

In the report menu there be options for "Failrp" "NLR" "Prop Abuse" to make reports easier not just rdm other troll

You can avoid being voted into a job and become it without a vote by doing the command to set your job like /cymafiacapo /cymafiauboss and the other voting jobs

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Commander is missing some commands.

-unable to physgun other players trusted rank or higher for admin sits

-unable to !god when your ooc doing admin stuffs

Thirdperson mode



-unable to obtain hits

The bank is unraid able?

- the issue with the bank is the cop teams are not linked properly so even if there are 2 or more cops/swat it still says unable to raid due to needing 2 cops. There could be a few other things at play here but we (@Kolor ` and I) havnt found anything else so yet.

A few links to some see through walls, idk if these can be fixed or not and thier may be more, this is just what ive noticed.




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