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Forum Updates -- 2016

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We have released a new forum layout and update, as we continue to update our website to meet the standards of this new year, I will post the updates here.

  • Template updated to more Modern theme, #REKT
  • Updated website colors to incorporate our colors, flame-like
  • Update Node glyphs to be a flame.. or something like that
  • Updated a mass of aesthetic issues that arose from website update
  • Updated Mood errors
  • Added new banner system to incorporate new banners
  • Fixed an issue where Calendar wasn't appearing, now it appears in the sidebar:


  • Added "Most Posts" for the week.. maybe some competitions coming up ? ;)


  • Fixed some issues with Steam Login, ALL BETTER!
  • Added new Countdown feature, which we will utilize for updates, events AND new server announcements!


  • New BBCode for different things, good for emphasizing



  • New Justify BBcode


  • Strikethrough BBcode


  • New (Notifications) part to tabs in Browsers

This will automatically update as you get new notifications from the forums!


  • Fixed an issue with names clipping out of template
  • Added Spotify detection in bbcode "Media"
  • Fixed glow issues, making them look like a wall of color
  • Fixed an issue with Conversations glitching out -- now they work perfectly.

These updates are just a few, as more are to come!

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