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MOTW Submissions 14-20/8/16

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Make your submissions for next week's Moment of the Week! The Moment of the Week program is made to reward players for sharing a funny moment by either submitting a video recording or a brief description of a funny moment they've had on our servers the past week and gives everyone a chance to be part of it.


1.) Nothing inappropriate please.

2.) Tell us your experience on our servers only.( e.g. Please do not tell us about some game you've played in the past week, or what you had for breakfast).

3.) Submit only on this thread. Any submissions outside of this thread will be ignored.

4.) A maximum of 3 submissions is allowed.

Other things to acknowledge:

1.) If you also find someone's submission funny we appreciate if you just use just rate on it instead of quoting it.

2.) We request you keep this chat to only submissions we will delete anything we feel does not warrant to be on this thread. (deemed by TWRD staff)

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