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Heliuxen X Bleach

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Heliuxen had a rough day of dealing with weeaboo's and nerds on the server (Its a joke pls dont trigger me) Heliuxen was triggered as fuck from all of this nig nog buisness and couldnt deal with MysticDragonBaxster and [odd] Alex, Heli had nothing to do so he went down to a bleach store, When He arrived, he saw tons of bleach, Diet Bleach, Regular Bleach, Coke Bleach, Pepsi Bleach, Battery Acid flavored bleach, Aids Flavored Bleach, And so much more, All for his suicidal needs, He couldn't believe the land he was in, He stole all the bleach and drove back to his home, When He arrived he got a needle and filled it with bleach, He Injected it into his vein and instantly felt good, He began to fill up his water pipes with nothing but bleach, When he took a shower, he was filled with hot steamy bleach, nothing but bleach for days and weeks, months and years, Until one day, He ran out... He had to go looking for more bleach to steal or buy, When He arrived at the store, There was even more advanced bleach, They had Drug flavored bleach and Cancer flavored bleach, It was the best thing he's every seen. He grabbed it and stuffed it in his pants, He couldn't believe how it even fit in there, all of the gallons, When he got home he took a steamy shower with the bleach and had a nice drink of diet bleach, He enjoyed every sip of it to the end, When he drunk some, He was fully excited, he hopped into bed expecting to sleep, but he couldnt, He reached for a needle and put bleach in it, he kept poking himself with the bleach until he was 70% bleach, The bleach was him and he was bleach, slowly he started to fade away, More and more, Day by day he became more attached to the bleach, Until he became it. Once he fully became bleach, He made a community called Hearthigen, This is how Hearthigen Embassy Was made, And now you know the truth, Of Heliuxen.

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Alternate Ending

Heliuxen drinks the anime flavoured bleach.

O ye

Now Heliuxen can become the Shinigami he has never thought of being.

And get his ass beat every new story arc.

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